AvL 1278 Vehicle-Mount / Drive-Away Mobile VSAT

Reliable, robust and simple to operate, the 1.2m Vehicle-Mount / DriveAway Mobile VSAT antennas feature an offset 1.2m reflector paired with a patent-pending AvL Cable Drive positioner. Can be mounted on a large SUV, van, or larger vehicles and trailers. 

Created for use where performance really matters, AvL’s Vehicle-Mounted / DriveAway Mobile Broadband systems enable video, voice, IP and data communication anywhere in the world, with the push of a single button. The precision of AvL’s patent-pending AvL Cable Drive positioners paired with the ease of one-button Auto-Acquisition and superior technical support make our vehicle mount antennas ideal for non-technical antenna operators.

Key features for AvL Model 1278:   

  • 1.2m AvL Engineered Composite Reflector
  • Zero Backlash AvL Cable Drive
  • Optional Transmit Rotary Joint on Feed
  • Stows to 18.4″ H (46.7 cm H)
  • Can be mounted onto large SUV or van
  • Standard 2-Port Ku Precision (standard Cross-Pol comp.) Feed
  • One button auto-acquisition controller
  • 400 degree azimuth range
  • Hand cranks on all axes
  • Integrated GPS
  • Level sensors for auto vehicle tilt compensation and auto cross pol alignment
  • Options include 1RU rack mounts and minimized stow height