Introducing the HARRIER

A Rapid Deployable Communications Solution for First Responders
Providing Voice, Cellular, Data and Video Streaming in Highly-Portable Kit

Ease of Operation
Connect Wirelessly to deploy/stow dish and to gain access to the Internet or your critical applications in less than 10 minutes with no tools

Automatic multi-satellite system providing multiple look angles with no IP reconfiguring

Designed around being air deployed, the HARRIER kit will provide your response team with voice, data and video services in one complete package

Powerful & Lightweight
Weighs < 90lbs and contains all the components necessary to run a small command center

Network performance can exceed 80Mbps aggregated burstable throughput


Mobile, Fixed & Flyaway
With custom hardware solutions for mobile command vehicles, flyaway cased units or fixed antenna requirements.
IP Access has multiple choices for all budgets and field expertise. 

AvL 1078
1.0m Vehicle-Mount/Drive-Away Mobile VSAT

AvL 1258
1.2m Low-Stow Vehicle-Mount/Drive-Away Mobile VSAT

AvL 1278
1.2m Motorized Transportable Vehicle-Mount Antenna

Cobham Explorer 8100
1.0m Stabilized, Auto-Acquire, Drive-Away Antenna System

Cobham Explorer 8120
1.2m Stabilized, Auto-Acquire, Drive-Away Antenna System

Ground Control Toughsat XP Series
.98m or 1.2m Mobile Satellite System

Ground Control Toughsat Flyaway
.98m or 1.2m Portable Satellite Wi-Fi Internet Hotspot

Ground Control Toughsat T-100
Half-Mile Wireless Across Point Trailer

Ground Control MCD-4800
Auto-Pointing BGAN Satellite Terminal, Closed Hardened Case

Mobile Emergency Response Center – MERC

The MERC™  represents a custom-built line of mobile power and communication trailers that are designed to provide a fully operational voice, data, and radio network and a climate controlled workspace within 15 minutes of deployment.