Mobile Emergency Response Center – MERC™

Need a mobile command unit? Comprehensive Communication Services will build it for you.
Enabling agencies to better operate during major events and incidents, the versatility of a MERC
underscores just how much of an asset it can be.

  • Unmatched Craftsmanship
  • Custom Design
  • Key Technology
  • Self-Sufficient Mobile Work Environment
  • Complete Comprehensive Package
    • Communication
    • Power Equipment
    • Workspace

CCS mobile command centers provide solutions for power, communication, and workspace that enable emergency response and business continuity, and can be deployed anywhere in the world. CCS offers customers a completely self-sufficient mobile work environment that allows them to communicate and function regardless of local conditions.

The MERC™  represents a custom-built line of mobile power and communication trailers that are designed to provide a fully operational voice, data, and radio network and a climate controlled workspace within 15 minutes of deployment. MERC trailers can be as small as a 16-foot bumper pull trailer or a much larger 45-foot gooseneck style trailer. 

The real power of these MERC units is the communication equipment package that CCS integrates into the trailer. A VSAT auto-acquire satellite system allows it to offer network access anywhere in the world providing not only internet service and data access but also Hosted VoIP and SIP service for two-way voice communication. 

What else does the MERC™ provide?

Mobile Power
Satellite Network Connectivity
LTE Connectivity
Satellite TV Service
Video Surveillance
Radio Interoperability

Additional MERC™ Uses: 

Mobile Crime Scene Unit
Mobile Hostage Negotiation Unit
Mobile HAZMAT Center
Mobile PSAP (911 Center)
Mobile Cellular on Wheels (COW)
Mobile Video Surveillance Unit

MERC™ Lite

The MERC™ Lite is a small, but powerful mobile power and communication trailer that is designed to provide a fully operational voice, data, and radio network within 15 minutes of deployment. This tactical trailer weighs less than 3,500 pounds and is compact enough to be towed by most standard vehicles, airlifted, or loaded in a transport plane for delivery.

The MERC™ Lite provides an affordable alternative to large command vehicles when smaller assets are needed to get to areas where larger assets cannot. Coupled with the IP Access SELECT Network, the MERC Lite not only has Internet service and data access, but also hosted VOIP for two-way voice communication.

Typical Design and Top Features:

Designed for Easy Transport 
Custom Built Inflatable Shelter 
Cummins Onan 12k-watt Quiet Diesel Generator
VSAT Auto-Acquire Satellite System
21u Equipment Rack
30-ft Pneumatic Mast
360-Track GPS System

Utilized Operations: 

Accident Reconstruction
Search and Rescue
Crowd Control
Land and Sea Traffic Monitoring 
Critical Infrastructure Protection
Crisis Management
Aerial Land Surveying

Satellite Network Services 

Through our partnership, IP Access International provides CCS customers with a dual-satellite network that offers high performance, end-to-end networking for voice, video and data services. Utilizing the industry’s best commercial satellite technologies, CCS is able to fit your performance & price objectives by assembling numerous technologies within their product arsenal including: Managed Data Services, Terrestrial Circuits, Video, VPNs, Business Television, Corporate TV, Video On Demand & Digital Signage.

CCS has designed specific services and capabilities around a variety of Video applications which include Video Conferencing, Video Streaming, and Video Surveillance. CCS offers several VoIP solutions to accommodate a range of use cases, from corporate voice requirements to those of emergency management professionals and can deliver clear and affordable communication anywhere, anytime.

Learn more about IPA SELECT Network

Mobile VSAT Antenna Solutions for MERC and MERC Lite Trailers 

AvL 1258
1.2m Vehicle-Mount
Drive-Away Mobile VSAT

AvL 1278
1.2m Vehicle-Mount
Drive-Away Mobile VSAT 

AvL 1078
1.0m Vehicle-Mount
Drive-Away Mobile VSAT

Cobham Explorer 8100
1.0m Stabilized, Auto-Aquire
Drive-Away Antenna System

Cobham Explorer 8120
1.2m Stabilized, Auto-Acquire
Drive-Away Antenna System

About Comprehensive Communication Services

CCS is a systems integrator focused on providing communication and power solutions for emergency response and business continuity. CCS has developed their own line of mobile communication and power trailers called the MERC – Mobile Emergency Response Center. CCS expertise includes fixed and mobile satellite hardware and network services, Hosted VoIP and SIP service, land mobile radio equipment, radio interoperability, multiple backup power solutions including portable generators and solar, video monitoring and storage, wireless LAN and WAN integration, and cellular gateways.

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