IP Access International
SELECT Network
Satellite Communications will invariably be an essential tool in disaster and emergency response situations. The reality of destroyed local infrastructure during and after a disaster demands for critical access to an independent wireless communications network. Access to such networks ensures the success of the overall emergency response effort and provides a critical path for assistance. Geostationary satellite communications networks, such as IP Access SELECT Network, provide constant support during emergency response situations due to their inability to be disrupted during lamentable situations. Their fixed position above Earth’s atmosphere allows for a range of communications services, including voice, video and broadband data that provides emergency responders with prompt and continual situation awareness.

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At the core of our SELECT Network is a multiple satellite, multiple teleport architecture that provides our community with protection from:

  • Line-of-sight blockage due to trees, buildings, and other obstacles
  • Regional disasters and infrastructure disruptions (fires, floods, power outages, fiber cuts)
  • Equipment failure in any network component – spacecraft, antenna, teleport, etc

Often imitated, but never replicated, our SELECT Network is uniquely positioned to offer our public safety community with unparalleled availability and accessibility. Below are just a few of the elements that make the SELECT Network a superior offering:


  • User-selectable satellite and ground station redundancy, requiring no reconfiguration of user equipment and no phone call
  • Multiple satellites, served by ground stations, always on and always available on-demand
  • Geographically diverse ground stations, separated by more than 2,400 miles
  • Ground stations interconnected by redundant, path-diverse, carrier-diverse fiber optic network
  • Ground stations staffed 24x7 with trained RF operations staff
  • Fully redundant environmental systems – HVAC, UPS, generators
  • Fully redundant infrastructure systems – RF components, hub components, and IP network
  • High-powered Ku-band satellites protect against rain fade and consumer overrun of resources