Fixed Satellite

Enterprises are looking for ways to streamline their organizations and provide remote locations with not only the same level of access, but identical support for business critical applications. They require a highly reliable global infrastructure with remote locations that operate on a par with the main offices. IP Access International offers fixed solutions to extend the network of enterprise customers to remote locations, provide disaster recovery to your main offices and standby back-up solutions to emergency operations centers. IP Access International's high speed satellite Internet service offers solutions for full time, usage based, seasonal or occasional use.

By leveraging IP Access International’s fixed commercial satellite services, your organization can stay connected with our reliable, scalable and easily deployed high speed satellite Internet services. Regardless of geographic location or number of remote offices, IP Access International offers the most cost-efficient commercial satellite solutions for every industry. With our fixed satellite services, emergency satellite Internet requirements are accessible anytime anywhere.

Full Time Satellite Service

High speed satellite Internet service with one of the most reliable connectivity solutions available today-- ensures full time commercial satellite services so your enterprise can communicate anywhere, anytime. We offer an advanced network solution that delivers the same user experience as offices with terrestrial connections. You can expect high bandwidth efficiency and high data throughput, in a scalable and affordable package.

IP Access International offers shared services or high end dedicated single customer per carrier (SCPC) satellite links. Whatever your situation requires, our commercial satellite solutions provide affordable, reliable and high speed satellite Internet services.

Usage Based Service

IP Access International provides affordable usage based services. With a selection of plans based on a transfer allowance per month, you can enjoy the full capacity of the satellite network without the large price tag. IP Access International also provides additional bandwidth when required for high volume periods, allowing commercial satellite customers to maintain an affordable plan for the majority of time requiring low volume usage. Through an innovative and convenient billing process, you can protect your business from high monthly flat rate fees and buy "always-on" bandwidth that is easy on your budget.

Seasonal Satellite Service

We realize that you may not have on-going operations year round. That’s why IP Access created seasonal satellite service plans that provide economical solutions for purchasing bandwidth, establishing voice connections and other communications links to the outside world. These services are ideal for temporary requirements such as seasonal oil and gas exploration, seasonal mining operations, and emergency management operations during hurricane or flood seasons.

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