Public Safety Communications for First Responders

IP Access International is proud to be a Tier-1 Dealer and part of the FirstNet mission


This powerful broadband LTE network allows first responders and other public safety personnel to send and receive voice, data, video, images, and text without concerns about network congestion. The FirstNet network offers guaranteed priority and preemption when they’re needed.


FirstNet is a nationwide network that provides interoperable communications for the public safety community, enabling information sharing across disciplines and jurisdictions, and improved situational awareness.


The FirstNet App Developer Program and App Catalog will foster an ecosystem of innovation, enabling the delivery of actionable data through public safety applications and devices, giving first responders advanced technologies they need.


Devices and Solutions

Public safety users will have access to an expansive catalog of LTE devices, ranging from purpose-built rugged units to the world’s most popular smart devices and tablets, complemented with a wide range of accessories. FirstNet enables public safety customers to get the priority, coverage, and interoperability they need without sacrificing choice in the devices they require to get the job done.

  • Smartphones with new features and functionality provide an optimal experience for productivity, connectivity, and security
  • Ruggedized Phones meet military specifications and are built strong to hold up against the rigor of public safety use
  • Truck-Mounted Modems are approved for use and designed to operate in special environments – where temperature, moisture, dust, gases, corrosion, vibration and impact can affect the devices
  • Laptops & Tablets offer an immersive and intuitive experience with built-in apps and programs and access to thousands more. Regardless of which model you choose, you’ll have an incredibly powerful and portable tool
  • Hotspots let you experience the convenience, reliability, security, and speed of internet access on the go. A mobile hotpot allows you to create a Wi-Fi hotspot from virtually anywhere

FirstNet Ready™ Harrier Rapid Communications Terminal 

FirstNet Ready Phones and Devices

FirstNet Ready Sonim
Sonim XP5S
Kyocera Duraforce PRO 2
Kyocera Duraforce PRO 2
FirstNet Ready LG k20
LG K20
Samsung 1
Samsung Galaxy S10e
iPhone MAX
iPhone Xs Max
Sonim XP8
Sonim XP8

FirstNet Ready Tablets and Laptops

FirstNet Ready Toughbook
Toughbook 54
Toughbook 33
FirstNet Ready iPad
iPad Air
FirstNet Ready Tablet
Samsung Galaxy Tab A
FirstNet Ready iPad
iPad Pro 12.9-inch
FirstNet Ready Dell
Dell Latitude 7424 Rugged Extreme

FirstNet Ready Connected Devices

FirstNet Ready Cradlepoint MC
Cradlepoint MC400-600M Modular Modem
FirstNet Ready Sierra Wireless MG90
Sierra Wireless AirLink MG90 Vehicle Router
FirstNet Ready AT&T Unite
AT&T Unite Express 2 Mobile Hotspot
FirstNet Ready Rocket
Rocket IoT – XLE
FirstNet Ready Cradlepoint MCR
Cradlepoint MC400-1200M Modular Modem
FirstNet Ready Cradlepoint COR
Cradlepoint COR IBR1700-1200M Vehicle Router

Why work with a FirstNet Dealer?

AT&T and the First Responder Network Authority grant FirstNet Dealer status to a select group of companies with deep knowledge of public safety. Dealers are authorized to be your FirstNet sales consultant to ensure this game-changing technology gets into the hands of first responders throughout the U.S. 

FirstNet is the nationwide public safety broadband network, services and solutions that are dedicated to First Responders and those that support them. It is more than a network, including advanced services, applications and purpose-built devices. By working with you, we are committed to advancing public safety, making your communications simpler, faster and more collaborative.


• Purpose-built devices: Rugged handhelds, body cameras, rugged laptops, tablets, gateways, modems
• Public safety applications: Situational awareness, automatic vehicle location (AVL), Enhanced Push-To-Talk (EPTT) APIs
• Integration: Interoperability solutions for two-way radios, dispatch and LTE, staging, kitting, installation, professional services

FirstNet App Store

Who is eligible?

Subscribers can include primary user and extended primary users.

Primary users are public safety personnel whose primary mission and job is to provide services to the public in the areas of law enforcement, fire suppression and prevention, emergency medical services (EMS), emergency management and public safety communications (Public Safety Answering Points, or PSAPs, and dispatch).

Extended primary users are other entities that provide public safety services, and include individuals, agencies, organizations, non-profit or for-profit companies who are not primary users, but who may be called upon to support public safety personnel with the mitigation, remediation, overhaul, clean-up, restoration, or other such services that are required during the time of incident or post-incident. Extended primary users may be called on a temporary or on-going basis.

Extended Community 

FirstNet is also available to an extended community that could be called on to help support first responders – from the mitigation, remediation, overhaul, clean up and restoration to the provisioning of other services required – during the time of an emergency or its aftermath. These are also known as extended primary users and can include essential government services, education, transportation and utilities. 

Because FirstNet is a dedicated public safety resource, primary users (first responders) and the extended community are reviewed before service is approved. IP Access can help you through the qualification process. 
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Wireless rate plans for first responders and public safety

FirstNet rate plans will provide a good value and a smart investment. FirstNet plans offer a broad range of wireless voice, text, and data services and are competitively-priced. Subscription to FirstNet plans also includes:

  • Nationwide coverage on an all-band solution, including AT&T LTE bands and Band 14
  • Dedicated FirstNet customer service
  • Full application ecosystem
  • Full device ecosystem
  • Credentialing processes (ICAM)

Bring your compatible device to FirstNet. All you need is a new SIM card for your current device.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Contact Tier-1 FirstNet Dealer IP Access International at
  2. Select a FirstNet wireless plan
  3. Complete your order

Your SIM card will be ready to use when it arrives – simply insert it into your device.

FirstNet Ready™ 

Devices that have a FirstNet Ready™ badge are those that will work on the FirstNet Evolved Packet Core simply by installing a FirstNet SIM card.
Note that some FirstNet Ready™ devices may also require a simple software update.

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FirstNet Coverage

FirstNet wireless coverage will reach more than 99 percent of Americans, extending to 2.74 million square miles, covering 76.2 percent of the continental United States and the District of Columbia.  FirstNet will provide the same services, support, and capabilities that are provided on the mainland to public safety responders in Hawaii and Alaska. FirstNet service will also be provided on all five of the U.S. island territories.  FirstNet primary users will receive priority and preemption across the entire nationwide LTE network.

FirstNet Coverage Map

FirstNet Support

FirstNet Dedicated Care: (800) 574-7000

EPTT Customer Support: (866) 563-4703

Let us help get you started!

For additional information on FirstNet devices, solutions, rate plans, and pricing, please contact an IP Access FirstNet specialist