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General Dynamics 1.2 Meter Offset VSAT Antenna

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies’ 1.2m Ku-Band VSAT Antenna Series 1132 is ideally suited for demanding commercial applications. The one-piece compression molded reflector is precision manufactured for high-efficiency Ku-Band operation. The Az/El mount is designed for easy installation and features fine Azimuth and Elevation Adjustments. The Az/El mount is constructed from heavy gauge pre-galvanized steel for strength and corrosion resistance. An Extended Ku Band RxTx feed is standard with the Series 1132 Antenna.

GD Satcom 1132 1.2M Ku-Band Antenna Features
  • Transmit quality precision SMC reflector
  • Fine elevation and azimuth adjustments
  • Extended Ku Band RxTx feed
  • Linear orthogonal polarity
  • Durable and rugged design for easy shipping and handling
  • Heavy gauge pre-galvanized steel Az/El mount