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Revolutionizing Connectivity

At IP Access International, we’re pioneering a new era of connectivity by seamlessly merging OneWeb’s advanced satellite services with the foremost terrestrial cellular providers across the United States. Our mission is clear: to provide you with resilient mobile communications through a unified service plan and a dedicated support center.

A Landmark Partnership

This collaboration marks a historic milestone in connectivity solutions, as OneWeb’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellation becomes the first to be seamlessly integrated into our cutting-edge SuperGIGā„¢ service. Tailored specifically for public safety and enterprise critical mobile operations, SuperGIGā„¢ excels in blending terrestrial and space-based networks to ensure uninterrupted, dependable connectivity.

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Why Choose SuperGIGā„¢?

OneWeb’s LEO technology complements, enhances, and extends our existing services, enabling robust connectivity in rural areas beyond cellular coverage and urban regions affected by natural disasters and other connectivity-disrupting conditions.

Unwavering Resilience

Our integrated solution guarantees unparalleled resilience, keeping you connected even in the most challenging environments and during unforeseen circumstances.

Comprehensive Support

With our 24/7 support center, a team of experts is always at your service, ensuring your connectivity requirements are met promptly.

Enhanced Mobility

SuperGIGā„¢ empowers you with the freedom to stay connected wherever your operations take you, whether in rural areas lacking cellular coverage or urban locations affected by events like natural disasters.

Join the Connectivity Revolution

Embark on a journey into the future of connectivity, where satellite and terrestrial networks seamlessly converge to deliver an unparalleled communication experience. IP Access International is your steadfast partner, committed to keeping you connected, no matter where you are. Choose SuperGIGā„¢ and elevate your connectivity to new horizons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers regarding IP Access, OneWeb, and SuperGIGā„¢

So what weā€™ve done at IP Access is integrate the new OneWeb constellation into our blended connectivity solution called SuperGIGā„¢. With SuperGIGā„¢, you’ll not only have access to AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and GEO satellite networks, but also to the OneWeb constellation. It’s a powerful, resilient, and cost-effective connectivity solution, all with a single IP address and a single subscription.

There is no cost for the OneWeb service, it is just another path your data can access to provide you with a high speed reliable blended service.

This is truly a situation of 1+1=3.Ā  In mobile communications you rarely have all networks available in a single location. For operations that rely on being connected, they must hedge their bets and buy multiple subscriptions in the hopes that at least one of them is available at the location needed.Ā  This is expensive because you pay for all the networks ā€“ available or not.Ā  In addition, when more than one is available the typical technology will select the best of the available networks rather than blending them together to give you the ultimate performance of the aggregate.Ā  As you can imagine with each network providing you different IP addresses and making multiple network changes throughout the year, managing security becomes a nightmare.Ā 

With SuperGIGā„¢ you only pay for the data regardless of which network it transits and you will always blend all available networks giving you the maximum possible performance while maintaining a single IP address across all networks;Ā  ā€œsecurity made simpleā€.

Yes, public static IP Addresses are available.

Most mobile communications customers have a very sporadic usage pattern yet network operators want to charge every month for every service regardless if the mobile unit is used or not.Ā  This can create a lot of waste especially if units are not online the majority of the time or if there are large fleets where a significant percentage of units are not in use

SuperGIGā„¢ never charges a monthly fee.Ā  If the unit is not online, there is no fee.Ā  When the unit is active it will utilize the data from the bucket purchased and regardless of which networks the data is able to transit.Ā  If the bucket is depleted by active use and it needs to be topped up then that can easily be done.Ā  If the data is not exhausted by the end of the year then it can carry over to the bucket purchased the following year.Ā  This provides a ā€œNo Wasteā€ system.

IP Access has integrated into the OneWeb constellation, meaning we have direct access between our terrestrial infrastructure and the OW constellation.Ā  We then can blend this network into the other IPA network service providing a high performance blended solution.

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