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Providing Communications To Responders Who Protect And Save Lives

We are IP Access International

Committed to providing the highest level of hybrid-based communications for enterprises and first responder, backed by 24/7/365 support

Quick responses save lives, and access to reliable communications is crucial to your emergency deployment efforts. When terrestrial communications are unavailable, damaged, or overloaded, satellite communications can provide a lifeline for resources deployed on the front lines of public safety and disaster preparedness.

IP Access has been a leading business communications company and global provider of mobile and fixed satellite internet solutions for over 20 years. Incorporated in 1999, IP Access operates the nation’s largest satellite network in public safety, including over 1,000 agency customers and 1,700 unique endpoints.

We excel in combined satellite and cellular technologies for enterprises and first responders. Our customer base includes the U.S. military, federal, state and local governments, Fortune 500 enterprises and NGOs.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to deliver reliable
communications connectivity to any location

Leveraging our experience building the nation’s largest satellite network for emergency responders, we are uniquely positioned to offer disaster-proof solutions to a wide range of customers. From government to enterprise, IP Access can craft fully integrated custom offerings for any requirement.

Our capabilities

  • Multiple iDirect networks on numerous satellites and teleports
  • World-class ground facilities, satellite network technology, hardware and infrastructure
  • Terminal hardware and network solutions
  • Unparalleled 24/7 365 customer support
  • Consulting and engineering
  • Configuring, commissioning, operating and troubleshooting mobile satellite terminals 
  • Fixed terminals
  • Satellite modems 
  • Hybrid-based connectivity (satellite + cellular)


Access Satellite, Cellular, & FirstNet Seamlessly and fluidly as the presence and quality of available networks fluctuate

Our FUSION technology provides access to hybrid cellular and satellite internet systems to keep businesses connected no matter the location or situation.

Enterprise businesses, first responders and remote ops teams need reliable mobile internet connections to run critical applications in the field and during emergencies. But cellular connections are in constant flux due to environmental conditions and customer demand, requiring monitoring and switching carriers to maintain connectivity.

FUSION uses VSAT reliability to provide the best connection, with multiple fallback options to maintain the highest quality and speed for voice, data, and video applications.

Introducing the next generation of hybrid-based technologies with network location capabilities through built-in awareness and logic

Web-based interface graphically displays all available networks, including data totals being passed over each available network and allows users complete network situational awareness. Support available 24/7/365 across all networks – eliminating the need for an on-site network engineer.

SELECT Network

Geographically Diverse Services, Multiple Satellite Options

At the heart of the IP Access offering is our SELECT Network, providing multiple satellite options and teleports. The SELECT Network offers protection against regional disasters and infrastructure disruptions while allowing for on-demand user-selectable satellite service.

Our high-performance SELECT Network delivers up to 20 Mbps and offers a fully redundant satellite and teleport infrastructure. In addition, we built bi-coastal infrastructure on the ground to ensure a fully redundant service that’s always on and always ready.

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