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IP Access is a leading provider of mobile and fixed satellite internet solutions with over 20 years experience serving the satellite industry as a domestic and global provider. IP Access provides complete satellite communications solutions inclusive of satellite network offerings, terminal hardware, and installation and support services. Incorporated in 1999, today IP Access operates the nation’s largest satellite network of public safety agencies, which includes over 1000 agency customers encompassing 1,700 unique endpoints. 

At the heart of the IP Access offering is the SELECT Network, providing multiple satellite options and multiple teleports, ensuring protection against regional disasters and infrastructure disruptions while also allowing for on-demand user selectable satellite service in the event of line-of sight or look angle obstructions.

Capabilities Provided:
  • Multiple iDirect networks on multiple satellites, served by multiple teleports
  • World-class ground facilities and network infrastructure
  • The latest in satellite network technology
  • Hardware and Network Solutions
  • Unparalleled 24/7 365 customer support
  • Consulting and Engineering

Additionally, IP Access’ expertise extends beyond the operation and management of bandwidth and satellite networks to include configuring, commissioning, operating and troubleshooting mobile satellite terminals (flyaway, vehicle mount, fly and drive and man-pack), fixed terminals, satellite modems, and networking hardware. Our customer base comprises the U.S. military, federal, state and local governments as well as Fortune 500 enterprises and NGOs.

Today our high performance SELECT Network delivers up to 20 Mbps and offers a fully redundant satellite and teleport infrastructure.  We understand that not all deployments are the same so we built a network designed to offer multiple satellite options in the event you have a line of sight obstruction.  We went further by building bi-coastal infrastructure on the ground to insure a fully redundant service so we are always on and always ready.

Whatever type of incident response you have, access to reliable communications is crucial to your deployment efforts.  Quick response translates into lives saved. When terrestrial communications are unavailable, damaged, or overloaded, satellite communications can provide a lifeline for resources deployed on the front lines of public safety and emergency preparedness.

Whether you have a command vehicle, trailer, or quick deploy unit, our solutions provide you the critical communications to establish an uplink at a moment’s notice. You get full connectivity so that emergency response teams can have 100% reliable communications no matter where they are located.

  • Orlando, Florida Office

    We open an office in Orlando Florida in support of our expanding east coast public safety community.

  • Axesat Mobility

    In partnership with Axesat Mexico, a new company, Axesat Mobility is formed, allowing us to expand our connectivity capabilities to Public Safety and First Responders in and around Mexico.

  • RedPHONE

    RedPHONE, our off-the-grid voice service is provided to all agencies on the SELECT network. This solution is completely embedded into our network providing agencies the ability to place voice calls agency-to-agency or inter-agency without relying on internet connectivity.

  • Blue View

    BlueVIEW, our user-facing web based portal is unveiled. Through it’s interactive design, BlueVIEW allows network users the ability to monitor their systems, define operational alerts and visually see deployed assets. This gives authorized staff, regardless if on scene or at headquarters, visibility, access and awareness of their communication assets in the field.

  • Select Network

    The SELECT Network was launched. The first satellite communications network designed to allow First Responders the ability to operate on multiple satellites, creating the diversity and redundancy required, all with the simple push of a single button.

  • Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina destroyed most of the infrastructure in the region creating major communication challenges for First Responders. Within hours, through the use of our connectivity solutions, these responders had the necessary communications to do their jobs

  • 9/11

    Following the September 11th attacks on the United States, a conscious decision was made to refocus our attention and commitment to America, specifically providing much needed connectivity to Public Safety and First Responders.

  • Founded

    Founded out of the need for foreign countries to gain access to the Internet, which at the time was primarily a US based content network. Due to the lack of undersea cable, we provided satellite connectivity to pacific region countries like Australia and New Zealand.

Regardless of your operations and whether you have a command vehicle, trailer,
or quick deploy unit, IP Access is available to craft a solution specific to your needs.