About IP Access International


We are a leading provider of mobile and fixed satellite solutions with over 20 years experience serving the satellite industry as a domestic and global provider. IP Access offers end-to-end turnkey services to our first responder community. We operate a national satellite network with over 1,700 active sites daily. We continually expand our products and services to further serve on-demand collaboration within an ever-changing critical response environment.

IP Access International has been providing reliable and fast satellite internet access to public safety agencies and business customers across the country. Today our high performance network delivers up to 20 Mbps and offers a fully redundant satellite and teleport infrastructure.  We understand that not all deployments are the same so we built a network designed to offer multiple satellite options in the event you have a line of sight obstruction.  We went further by building bi-coastal infrastructure on the ground to insure a fully redundant service so we are always on and always ready.

Whatever type of incident response you have, access to reliable communications is crucial to your deployment efforts. Quick response translates into lives saved. When terrestrial communications are unavailable, damaged, or overloaded, satellite communications can provide a lifeline for resources deployed on the front lines of public safety and emergency preparedness.

Whether you have a command vehicle, trailer, or quick deploy unit, our solutions provide you the critical communications to establish an uplink at a moment’s notice. You get full connectivity so that emergency response teams can have 100% reliable communications no matter where they are located.

IP Access Hummer Mobile VSAT Auto-Acquire Antenna
Regardless of your operations and whether you have a command vehicle, trailer,
or quick deploy unit, IP Access is available to craft a solution specific to your needs.