Why Settle For Limited Connectivity Options When You Can Have Them All?

Our solutions seamlessly combine space-based LEO and GEO networks with every available LTE carrier, ensuring you never compromise on connectivity. Bring the power of SuperGIG™ to your organization and stay connected without boundaries.


Connected Antennas

Kymeta OneWeb GEO Flatpanel Antenna

Hawk u8 LEO

Hawk U8 LEO offers a high-performance, fully integrated outdoor flat panel antenna with maximum bandwidth and no moving parts, ensuring reliability in any environment. Whether stationary or on the move, experience seamless communication with Hawk U8 LEO's cutting-edge technology.


The compact OW10HV is the ultimate solution for seamless communication on-the-move and on-the-pause. With its small form factor and compatibility with all vehicle types. For bigger vehicles requiring high performance and maximum bandwidth, OW11FV's flat panel design ensures reliable COTM & COTP.


The Hughes HL1120W features a cutting-edge Electronically Steered Antenna, optimized for OneWeb's LEO satellite constellation, providing fast, affordable, and low-latency communication. This full-duplex terminal, incorporating a built-in modem, boasts a low-profile design and operates without any moving parts.


The OW70L is the ultimate dual dome fixed solution for robust connectivity. Ideal for brick-and-mortar establishments or radio tower sites, it provides seamless connectivity and efficient backhaul capabilities, ensuring reliable communication in any setting.

Portable Case-Based
Network Aggregation Devices

SuperGIG™ M6E6 Go Kit

The GateWay M6E6 Go Kit ensures dependable connectivity for various general-purpose applications such as voice, video, and data in nomadic or mobile settings. Additionally, it can extend wireless connectivity to stationary locations. This hard-port cased plug-and-play network aggregation device supports compatibility with up to 5 LAN or WAN ports.

SuperGIG™ 211 Go Kit

Similar to the M6E6, the 211 is engineered to provide dependable connectivity for various general-purpose applications like voice, video, and data. This cased plug-and-play network aggregation device stands out as a pivotal tool in maintaining uninterrupted and robust network connections, especially during emergencies. It is compatible with 1 LAN and 1 WAN port.

Sourcewell Nationwide Contracts

IP Access is proud to earn Sourcewell contracts in both Public Safety Communications Technology and Hardware Solutions and Private Wireless Services with Related Solutions . Learn more about the IP Access International contracts and how utilizing the power of Sourcewell will make purchasing simple and more affordable. 

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