Dejero EnGo 260

Connectivity you can count on

EnGo 260 is the world’s most durable and versatile mobile transmitter that’s purpose-built for reliably sending high-quality live video from remote locations





Smary Blending Technology

Reliable connectivity for low latency live video

Transmit high-quality live video with latency as low as 0.8 seconds. Integrated Smart Blending Technology intelligently combines multiple network connectionsin real-time for enhanced reliability, expanded coverage, and greater bandwidth capacity. 

Hybrid Encoding Technology

Exceptional live video picture quality

Ensure high-quality live video with HEVC compression and bitrates up to 20 Mb/s at 1080p 50/60. Hybrid hardware/software encoding dynamically adapts in real-time based on the complexity of the video scene being captured and the network throughput.

By aggregating multiple network services into a single virtual ‘network of networks’, you have access to a greater coverage area than what a single provider can deliver alone.

Resilient Wireless Technology

Designed for better RF performance wherever you go.

Ensure ultra-reliable cellular reception in challenging network environments with a proprietary design that optimally separates antennas for enhanced reception.

Tested and certified for SAR and other safety considerations. Certified by regulatory, industry and mobile network operators.

Global Connectivity

Simplified international travel

Integrated global modems, global roaming connectivity services, interchangeable SIM modules, and an internal battery that’s aircraft carry-on compliant, make EnGo an easy international travel companion.

Capacitive Touch Screen

See the big picture

A large, vibrant capacitive touchscreen provides video previews for confidence monitoring, status information, and easy operation—providing the perfect tool to capture the perfect shot.

Built-In Battery

Stay live longer

Powered by a rechargeable internal battery that lasts for over three hours of live video transmission. Extend runtime with external ENG camera batteries too.

UAS Video Interoperability

Capture real-time video from unique vantage points

EnGo works seamlessly with unmanned aerial systems to provide high-quality live video transmission.

EnGo Accessories

Maximum versatility


An included backpack features a dedicated compartment for an optional external battery, an expandable bottom compartment for carrying extra gear, and built-in cable management.

Vehicle Antenna Dock

The Vehicle Antenna Dock lets you secure the EnGo in a vehicle for safety while in motion— connecting to rooftop antennas to increase cellular reception.

Dejero Control

Manage EnGo from anywhere

Geolocate and remotely control field units, preview incoming feeds, and route and distribute content. We make it easy to monitor usage and performance, set up email notifications on activity, and generate detailed reports from any web browser.

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