Communicate In Times Of Crisis With Our Mobile Emergency Response Centers

Today, agencies across the U.S. are recognizing the value of mobile command vehicles. These vehicles and trailers have become a need-to-have unit in their fleet because of events like natural and man-made disasters; large-scale structure fires and large wildfires; tactical situations; crowd control; hazardous materials incidents; and criminal acts resulting in multiple-casualty incidents. Events such as these, get a multi-agency response that can include mutual-aid fire companies; law enforcement; and local, state and federal emergency response. Emergency Communications Trailers can provide the incident commander with the tools needed for communication, interoperability, coordination and control.

Our mobile command centers provide solutions for power, communication, and workspace that enable emergency response and business continuity, and can be deployed anywhere in the world. We offer our customers a completely self-sufficient mobile work environment that allows them to communicate and function regardless of local conditions.

Every mobile command center solution is custom designed to meet our customer’s unique requirements.

MERC™​ Mobile Emergency Response Centers

CCS mobile command centers provide solutions for power, communication, and workspace that enable emergency response and business continuity, and can be deployed anywhere in the world. CCS offers customers a completely self-sufficient mobile work environment that allows them to communicate and function regardless of local conditions.

The MERC™  represents a custom-built line of mobile power and communication trailers that are designed to provide a fully operational voice, data, and radio network and a climate controlled workspace within 15 minutes of deployment.

  • Unmatched Craftsmanship
  • Custom Design
  • Key Technology
  • Self-Sufficient Mobile Work Environment
  • Complete Comprehensive Package
    • Communication
    • Power Equipment
    • Workspace
MERC Trailer


The MERC Lite is a small, but powerful mobile power and communication trailer that is designed to provide a fully operational voice, data, and radio network within 15 minutes of deployment. This tactical trailer weighs less than 3,500 pounds and is compact enough to be towed by most standard vehicles, airlifted, or loaded in a transport plane for delivery. 

The MERC Lite can be deployed in areas where larger command center trailers and vehicles can not travel. The MERC Lite is also more suitable for densely populated urban areas with narrow streets and limited parking.

Typical Design and Top Features:

    • Designed for easy transport and towed by most standard vehicles
    • Airlifted (certified for C-130 transport aircraft)
    • Designed to provide a fully operational voice, data, and radio network
    • Custom built inflatable shelter that can be stored in the mobile communications trailer
    • 21u equipment rack allowing for customers to add additional technologies such as Mutualink
    • Climate controlled work space
    • Cummins Onan 12,000-watt diesel generator
    • Pneumatic mast equipped with antenna and led lights
    • Roof mounted, Auto-Acquire VSAT satellite system
    • Hosted VoIP and SIP for voice communications
    • Climate controlled cabinet with equipment racks
    • Storage compartment
MERC Lite Trailer


Provides communication and data from the sky. Live weather with High-precision 5-in-1 wireless weather sensor accurately measures the temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and rain, monitor temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and rain from the illuminated color display. Set up programmable weather alarms for temperature, humidity, wind, rain, dew point, heat index and storm alerts, as well as email and text alerts to notify you when conditions change, or your presets are reached

Automated P.A. based Takeoff and Landing Announcements for personnel within the area activated with footswitches. 100-Watt Siren System serves as a long range audio warning system.

  • Dual Android tablets with keyboards
    • Support for different apps to augment the mission
    • Weather Radar
    • ADS-B software defined radio for real-time air traffic tracking
    • Avare Sectional Maps and Navigation
    • Arcgis Visualize it FAA UAD Data Maps
    • Airmap with LAANC
  • VHF mobile and portable radio with Interoperability frequencies

    • Mobile is installed for RPIC and Portable for Visual Observer outside the unit
  • All Band Receiver

    • Aircraft band monitoring
    • NWS VHF band monitoring
    • HF SSB bands

The MERC-UASC is full of features. Aside from what is listed above, our Unmanned Aerial System Carrier provides an outside intercom system to communicate with and monitor audio from outside the unit. The MERC-UASC also contains an aircraft intercom system with headset that is connected to all systems to monitor multiple audio sources with individual volume controls.


TOUGHSAT T-100 Trailer


The T-100 self-contained multi-purpose communications trailer is manufactured by Ground Control and is quickly deployed at any location to create a high-speed (20 Mbps x 5 Mbps) satellite Internet connection that automatically establish a half-mile (0.82 Kilometer) wireless access point for any in-range wireless devices. This powerful communications tool can provide essential Internet and VoIP phone service five minutes after parking and free up the towing vehicle to perform other tasks.

  • The Toughsat XP. Ruggedized for harsh conditions.
  • Easy operation – requires little or no training to operate.
  • Commercial Grade iDirect Service – Global Network.
  • Wireless “G” access point with half mile (2700 foot) range.
  • Dual Matrix Service – Two satellites for redundant security.
  • Aluminum & stainless steel construction.
  • Shock resistant cabinet to protect electronics.
  • 4 hand-crank stabilization jacks with security belts.
  • Toughsat TS2 ACU with wireless & 4 port router.

Emergency Communications Trailers Satellite Network Services And Solutions

For over 20 years, IP Access has been supplying the largest community of public safety agencies across the Nation with industry-leading satellite communications solutions. Through our partnership with Comprehensive Communication Services, IP Access provides CCS customers with a dual-satellite network that offers high performance, end-to-end networking for voice, video and data services. By integrating a vehicle-mount mobile VSAT antenna on your MVC or trailer, you can be assured that connectivity will always be available regardless of outages or degraded conditions on local LTE and other wireless networks. VSAT technology utilizes network infrastructure that is safely located far away from your location, drastically reducing the potential for loss of connectivity.


What To Consider Before Purchasing A Mobile Command Vehicle

A mobile command center is one of the most significant equipment purchases a public safety agency can make. With the most obvious question being WHY – it’s important to understand what the intended purpose for the vehicle or trailer is. In order to feel confident in your decision, here are a few questions to consider beforehand:

  • Is this a brand new custom made unit or will it be a retrofit of an existing vehicle?
    • Are you going to design a custom built vehicle or are you going to take an existing ambulance or bus and retrofit it with all the equipment you need?
  • Who is going to say what communications equipment is needed?
  • Who is going to pay for the communications equipment?
  • Who is going to be responsible for the maintenance of the vehicle and equipment?
  • What missions can it support?
  • What is the intended purpose of the vehicle?
    • Command staff meetings?
  • Who will staff the vehicle when it is dispatched to an emergency scene?
  • What need has created this request?
  • Who will be making the decision on the purchase?
  • How will the purchase be handled? (RFP, Contact Vehicle. Sole Source, etc..)
  • What is the expected date or time frame of the purchase?
  • Is there a budget for this project?
  • Has this funding already been set aside and approved?
  • Does the mobile command center need to provide work space for the people that will deploy the unit?
  • Will these people need work stations (deck space)? If yes – how many workstations?
  • Will you need a conference room area with table? If yes – how many people?
  • Will you need a bathroom? Toilet and sink?
  • Will you need a kitchen area? If yes – what amenities do you require?
  • Do you want the command center to be a tow away unit (trailer) or drive away unit (vehicle)?
  • If tow away, what type of trailer: bumper pull, gooseneck, or 5th wheel?
  • It tow away, what type of towing vehicle do you own or will one be purchased for this unit?
  • Will you require any bench seating in the unit?
  • Will you require any slide outs for additional work space? If so, how many?
  • Do you want a side awning on your unit – a shaded work space outside?
  • Do you require LED lights on the unit’s exterior for nighttime operation?
  • Will you require a satellite for network connectivity – such as IPA’s SELECT Network? If yes, bandwidth requirements?
  • Will you require an LTE wireless router for connectivity to the LTE network? If yes, what LTE service (multiple recommended)? FirstNet Band 14?
  • Will you require computers and/or monitors for your work stations? If yes, specifications?
  • Will you require any radio dispatch consoles? If yes, how many and specifications?
  • Will you require any land mobile radios and repeaters? If yes, qty, frequency, and make/model?
  • Will you require telephones for your work stations? Headsets? Model preference (Cisco or Polycom)?
  • Will you require a mast (tower) on your trailer to put antennas and/or cameras in the air? Preferred height (30-50 feet)?
  • How do you want your work stations wired for data and electrical?
  • Do you require radio interoperability for deployments? If yes, preferred product?
  • Will you need WiFi coverage inside the unit? Outside the unit?
  • What type of data switch and router do you prefer? POE?
  • Do you require any video cameras for surveillance and security around the unit?
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