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Providing Communications To Responders Who Protect And Save Lives

IP Access Connected Community

Join the largest community of satellite
connected public safety agencies in the nation

IP Access is proud to have the nation’s largest community of connected first responders, public safety agencies, as well as those private companies we can’t live without in a disaster or other crippling incident. IP Access has tied these members to a powerful network allowing them to identify their mutual aid partners and communicate and collaborate to bring relief as early as possible.

Members of the IP Access community include:

Airlines; Banking; Business Continuity; Corporations; Critical Infrastructure; Emergency Response Teams; Enterprises; Fire & Rescue; Fortune 200 & 500 Companies; Insurance; Law Enforcement; Local, State, and Federal Organizations; National Guard; Oil & Gas; Private Corporations; Public Safety; Search & Rescue; Utility

About Our Community

IP Access International’s expertise is providing complete satellite communications solutions, inclusive to satellite networks, remote terminal hardware, and installation and support services. Today, IP Access operates the nation’s largest satellite network of public safety agencies – which includes over 1000 agency customers encompassing 1,700 unique end points.

Capabilities Provided

  • Own and operate multiple iDirect networks on multiple satellites served by multiple teleports
  • World-class ground facilities and network infrastructure 
  • The latest in satellite network technology
  • Unparalleled 24/7/365 customer support
  • Consulting and Engineering
  • On-Demand Dedicated Networks

Our community includes over 1000 agencies such as police, fire, sheriff, national guards as well as critical infrastructure companies; all with a mutual goal of being able to communicate at all times regardless of a disaster or attack. Our community is connected to each other through the SELECT Network allowing resilient connectivity even when the Internet is disabled. With the RedPHONE, Mutualink and other critical applications hosted “Off-the-Grid”, our community will always have the ability to collaborate during the most critical times.

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