Our Company

We provide fixed and mobile communications solutions that assist emergency management professionals both on and off grid.  IP Access serves local, state and federal organizations supporting their mission critical communication requirements. With over 16 years’ experience, we support the largest community of first responder agencies.

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Our Network

Our network was built from the ground up with public safety in mind. Every component was designed for reliability – multiple satellites, multiple ground facilities – to provide the highest level of connectivity all backed by 24/7 support.

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Our Community

IP Access is proud to have the nation’s largest community of connected first responders, public safety agencies, as well as those private companies we can’t live without in a disaster or other crippling incident. IP Access has tied these members to a powerful network allowing them to identify their mutual aid partners and communicate and collaborate to bring relief as early as possible.

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Products & Solutions

We have developed a full range of mobile, fixed, portable and rapid deployment connectivity solutions to meet the real world communication requirements of First Responders. All while keeping in mind how critical communications are in the demanding, complex and hostile environments of response and recovery.

Network Services

IP Access creates custom packages for many clients with seasonal, occasional use, incident based or budget sensitive requirements to ensure the best performance is delivered when needed at the best price.

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Hardware Solutions

With custom hardware solutions for mobile command vehicles, flyaway cased units or fixed antenna requirements, IP Access has multiple choices for all budgets and field expertise. 

Off-the-Grid Communications

With the vulnerability of an internet outage caused by denial-of-service, malware or other attacks, IP Access has created solutions that allow for critical servers to remain accessible to any of our customers. Mutualink and the IPA RedPHONE are two of these services. IP Access can provide the same Off-the-Grid protection for your critical servers as well. 


With over 1500 RedPHONES deployed in over 500 agencies across the country, the RedPHONE ensures that agencies will always be able to communicate even in the event of a major Internet collapse due to terror attacks, malware or natural disasters. Dial in on the details of the RedPHONE here.