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Reliable, high-quality satellite Internet service for business continuity

Critical business functions need to stay available to customers, suppliers and regulators during natural disasters or infrastructure failures. IP Access International provides business continuity solutions that maintain consistent connectivity at all times. When landlines are compromised, our satellite-based business continuity services ensure your systems stay online, keeping your company up and running under any circumstance.

Don't let a natural disaster knock your business operations offline

The IP Access Select Network provides unmatched speed, connectivity and reliability to overcome any obstruction and keep your critical functions online. Our connectivity backup service delivers business satellite internet when your primary connection fails. We keep your business fully functional until your internet connection is restored.

Reliable, secure and real-time communication solutions


Our network is not dependent on terrestrial infrastructure and is less likely to be affected by natural disasters, power outages, or other disruptions. This ensures that companies can maintain connectivity and continue their operations even in the event of an emergency.


Our network can provide coverage in areas where terrestrial networks are not available, such as remote locations or areas affected by a disaster. This allows companies to continue their operations in these areas and ensures that they can provide services to their customers, even in the event of an emergency.


Our solutions can be scaled to meet the changing needs of a company, whether in a normal operation or during a crisis. This ensures that companies can maintain connectivity and continue their operations even as their needs change.

Affordable and cost-effective

We can provide cost-effective solutions for companies, particularly those in remote or hard-to-reach locations.


Our off-grid offerings provide advanced cybersecurity solutions to help protect companies against cyber threats and ensure the integrity of their data and operations.

Why Should I Have A Business Continuity Plan?

What is business continuity? Simply put, business continuity is a contingency plan. Business continuity plans put redundancies in place so that communications or data systems remain operable during crisis situations with little to no disruption. When a primary system goes down, the contingency system takes over automatically.Ā 

IP Accessā€™s satellite internet service for businesses keeps you up and running when your primary internet service fails.

Disaster Recover

Communication system failures occur in almost all extreme conditions. When failures delay relief efforts and response, preventable injuries and loss of life escalate. Itā€™s critical to protect your communication channels with a reliable backup system.

Every organization is at risk from potential disasters that include:

  • Power and energy disruptions
  • Natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, blizzards, earthquakes and fire
  • Cyberattacks and hacker activity
  • Hardware failure
  • Accidents
  • Communications, transportation, safety and service sector failure
  • Environmental disasters such as pollution and hazardous materials spills
  • Vandalism and civil unrest
  • Terrorism

Creating and maintaining a business continuity plan helps ensure that your business has the resources and information needed to deal with these and other emergencies.

Company Stability

In addition to mitigating disaster threats, reliable backup satellite internet provides company stability with the following benefits:

  • Minimizes operational disruption
  • Protects your brand image and reputation
  • Preserves consumer confidence
  • Keeps your competitive edge
  • Retains confidence among employees and stakeholders
  • Maintains regulatory complianceĀ 
  • Minimizes financial risk
  • Keeps communication channels open

Disruption of daily operations can be harmful to your business and your brand. Business internet continuity shields your company from damage that can be difficult to undo.

Reduce uncertainty with a proactive plan to keep your business operational in the event of a disaster. Let IP Access International's business satellite internet service provide a truly diverse way to stay connected.

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