Communications Network Preparedness

 Storm Preparedness: Severe Weather & IPA Network Capabilities

In the event that severe weather or a disaster impacts your ability to access one of our networks, the IP Access Select Network allows you to switch from one satellite (and supporting teleport) to another, on demand. On most mobile auto-acquire antenna systems, this is as simple as pushing a few buttons.

What You Can Do: 

  • Switch from SES-2 to Galaxy 18

If you are unsure of how to switch your antenna from one satellite to another, or if you are unsure whether you’ve upgraded to the IP Access Select service, please contact your account representative.

What IP Access Will Do:

When a major storm is approaching that may cause extended impact to services, our NOC will transition services to the backup teleport. We will make all efforts to send out notification of this change at least 24 hours in advance, but as approaching storm conditions change this may not always be possible. When the storm has passed and the forecast for the coming days is clear, services will be transitioned back to the primary teleport during the same nightly maintenance window.

If you have any questions regarding transition and/or maintenance windows, please contact your account representative. 


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