Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lead time for hardware?

We stock many items for immediate delivery.  For some of the more unique products there can be a lead time of up to 12 weeks.

If Cellular towers and Land Mobile Radio towers are down, how do first responders out in the field access potential satellite solutions offered by IPA?

The responder would need to have an antenna or other satellite device already in hand to be able to communicate.  We can help with planning for the likely scenarios you may face and recommend the best solution.

How do Land Mobile Radios or Two-Way Radios work with your solutions?

When a responder leaves the range of their radio network or the radio network is down, a user’s radio can be connected to our integrated satellite solution where the traffic can be backhauled over satellite to the EOC.

Do you sell wifi or internet repeaters?

We have a number of solutions that can extend the internet.  It would be best to have one of our solutions experts speak with you to recommend the best options.

What if I want to just boost the wifi signal / internet connection in our squad cars while they are on patrol? Do you have low cost solutions for that?

We have a number of vehicle based solutions that can increase the signal range around and in the squad cars.  These solutions can have multiple carriers including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and FirstNet.

How do your global services work if your satellites are focused on the US, Mexico, and parts of canada?

Although our Select Network is focused on the areas you mentioned, we also have a number of Global solutions that we are able to provide you.  Here is a link to our global solutions page.

What is the difference between auto tracking and auto acquiring?

A tracking antenna will constantly re-point so even if you are moving, the signal will be maintained.  An auto acquire antenna will come into the network at the push of a button but the antenna will lose it’s signal if it is moved.

Do you offer co-location services?

Yes we do.  We have a number of data centers in our various satellite teleports where customers can co-locate their equipment.

I live in Canada.  How far does your coverage reach?

The Select Network goes a few hundred miles to a few thousand miles.  It varies from West to East. It would be best to have one of our experts look at your exact location to determine your availability.

I have multiple sites. Do you offer plans like cell phone companies that pool sites together?

Yes we do.  There are a number of options to share your plan with multiple sites.

I’m looking for an on-demand product only.  I don’t use the service except a few times a year.

We do allow you to buy by the day, week or month.  

Do you provide satellite television?

Not as a stand alone service but as part of a satellite communication solution we do.

What is the typical satellite latency?

Latency to a geostationary satellite is approximately 530ms.

Do I get a discount if I pre-pay service?

Prepaying service does provide discounts and other benefits depending on the service and term being purchased. 

Do you provide installation?

Yes, we can provide installation services on all of our solutions.

Do you have month to month plans?


I live in a cold region and don’t need service 12 months out of the year.  Do you offer short term plans for summer or winter users?

Yes, we have seasonal plans that we can help you with

I’m interested in becoming a dealer or reseller.  Do you offer a VAR program?

We do.  We can have someone talk with you about the requirements for that program. Please contact us at

Do you offer custom plans based on my commercial needs?

We can customize plans if needed. 

Do you sell BGAN terminals?

Yes we do. Please visit our Global Solutions page, here

This is good information but I’m just trying to describe my requirement.  I have 20 sites and I’m looking for a reasonably priced plan to service all 20 sites for a fixed monthly rate.  Do you have fleet plans?

There are many options and service plans.  It would be best to have one of our solutions experts speak with you about your requirement. Please contact us at

I was on the website looking at your off-grid solutions.  Is this a service that requires hardware?

For all services hardware is required to make the network work.  There are many different types that can fit your needs.

I have existing equipment.  Can I use older equipment on your network as long as I have the right modem?

Yes, our experts will confirm the appropriateness of your equipment to join our network.