Harford County Enhances Emergency Response with Cutting-Edge Communications Technology

The Harford County Command vehicle equipped with the advanced SuperGIG™ Comms-On-The-Move (COTM) bundle. The vehicle features a sleek, mounted Kymeta u8 LEO antenna on its roof, designed for seamless mobility and robust connectivity. Inside the vehicle, the Dejero GateWay M6E6 network aggregation device is displayed, highlighting its role in providing reliable, high-speed communication.

Revolutionizing Emergency Communications

Harford County recently took delivery of their new mobile command vehicle which has significantly upgraded their emergency response capabilities.. This advancement includes the implementation of the SuperGIG™ Comms-On-The-Move bundle provided by IP Access International.

Seamless and Reliable Communication

In emergency situations, seamless and reliable communication is crucial. Harford County has recognized this need and partnered with IP Access  to ensure their first responders are equipped with the most robust technology available. The SuperGIG™ service blends OneWeb’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) space-based connectivity and all available terrestrial LTE carriers, creating a single data network.. This combination ensures uninterrupted, high-speed connectivity while utilizing all available connections concurrently.

What is SuperGIG™?

SuperGIG™ is a cutting-edge service designed to deliver reliable, high-speed internet by merging multiple network sources. This service integrates space-based satellite networks, including OneWeb’s LEO service, with terrestrial LTE carriers to maintain a consistent connection. This multi-network approach offers several key benefits:

Key Advantages of SuperGIG™

  • Unmatched Redundancy: Combining satellite and LTE networks ensures continuous connectivity, even if one network fails, providing incredible reliability during critical operations.
  • High-Speed Connectivity: Leveraging OneWeb’s LEO satellites, the service offers low-latency, high-speed internet, crucial for real-time communication and data transfer.
  • Versatile Deployment: Suitable for both mobile and stationary use, SuperGIG™ can be deployed in a wide range of emergency response scenarios.
  • Integration with OneWeb: SuperGIG™ seamlessly blends OneWeb’s satellite services with all major terrestrial cellular providers in the U.S., providing resilient mobile communications through a single service plan and support center. OneWeb’s LEO technology complements, enhances, and extends SuperGIG™ service, enabling robust connectivity in rural areas outside of cellular coverage and in urban locations affected by events such as natural disasters and other conditions impacting connectivity.

“SuperGIG™ service was the deciding factor because of its unmatched reliability and versatility, ensuring that we can maintain communication in any situation."

Advanced Hardware for Robust Connectivity

The SuperGIG™ Comms-On-The-Move bundle includes top-tier hardware designed to provide robust and resilient communication capabilities. Central to this setup is the Kymeta u8 LEO antenna and the Dejero GateWay M6E6 network aggregation device, both of which play pivotal roles in enhancing connectivity.

Kymeta u8 LEO Antenna: Always Connected, Always Moving

The Kymeta u8 LEO antenna is a breakthrough in satellite communication technology. Its key capabilities include:

  • Seamless Mobility: The Kymeta u8 is designed to maintain reliable connectivity even while on the move, making it ideal for emergency vehicles and mobile command centers.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Its sleek design allows for easy installation on various types of vehicles without compromising on performance.
  • High Bandwidth: By accessing the SuperGIG™ network, the u8 provides high-speed internet and low latency, crucial for real-time communication and data transfer in emergency situations.
  • Resilient Connectivity: The antenna can switch between OneWeb’s LEO and GEO satellites to ensure continuous service, minimizing downtime and maintaining critical communication links.

Dejero GateWay M6E6 Network Aggregation Device: Unified and Reliable Connectivity

The Dejero GateWay network aggregation device is another vital component of the SuperGIG™ bundle. Its capabilities include:

  • Multi-Network Aggregation: The GateWay combines multiple network connections, including cellular, satellite, and broadband, into a single, robust communication link. This ensures redundancy and maximizes available bandwidth.
  • Optimized Performance: The device intelligently manages network traffic, prioritizing critical data and optimizing performance to ensure seamless communication.
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Management: Dejero’s cloud-based management system provides real-time monitoring and control of the network, allowing for quick adjustments and troubleshooting as needed.
  • Portability and Durability: Built for harsh environments, the GateWay is rugged and portable, making it ideal for deployment in various emergency response scenarios.

“We did a load test today and my command bus staff and our IT were impressed by the speed of the service.”

A Strategic Upgrade for Harford County

By integrating IP Access International’s SuperGIG™ solution, Harford County is enhancing its emergency response capabilities, ensuring that first responders can maintain crucial communication links during disasters and emergencies. This upgrade not only supports local emergency operations but also sets a benchmark for others in the region looking to bolster their emergency communication infrastructures.

“Harford County’s adoption of the SuperGIG™ Comms-On-The-Move bundle exemplifies a commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology for public safety. This is one of many new command vehicle builds that have made the jump to SuperGIG™. Our service uses a vehicle-mounted flat panel satellite antenna with no moving parts that connects and maintains communication while the vehicle is moving, and offers the same capabilities while on-the-pause. This ensures that first responders have the communication tools they need, wherever they are, no matter the circumstances,” said Mike Gregg, Executive Director of Sales for IP Access International.

Deployment in Emergency Response

The county’s emergency response vehicle, built by Frontline Communications, includes the Kymeta u8 LEO antenna, Dejero GateWay M6E6 network aggregation device, and the SuperGIG™ service. This vehicle will be deployed at major law enforcement events, significant traffic incidents, and community outreach programs.

SuperGIG™ Service: A Game-Changer for Reliable Crisis Communication in Harford County and Beyond

IP Access International’s cutting-edge SuperGIG™ service is now a critical component of Harford County’s emergency response strategy, demonstrating the importance of reliable communication in crisis situations. Other agencies and organizations requiring dependable connectivity for their command vehicles are encouraged to consider IP Access International’s innovative solutions. By adopting the SuperGIG™ Comms-On-The-Move bundle, agencies can significantly enhance their operational effectiveness and ensure continuous, high-quality communication when it matters most.

For more information on how IP Access International can support your communication needs, please contact our sales team at sales@ipinternational.net or visit our website.