IP Access Provides Disaster Recovery Linkage for Mutualink Interoperability

IP Access Provides Disaster Recovery Linkage for Mutualink Interoperability 

If you are operating Mutualink interoperability services, IP Access can provide a low-cost satellite link that will carry voice, video, and radio communications for multiple incidents that you may be controlling simultaneously. If your terrestrial, LTE, or LMR links fail, your incident can still be supported by having your Mutualink system tied into a satellite connection provided by IP Access.


  • Multi-satellite, multi-teleport backed connection
  • Protection against infrastructure disruptions
  • Multi-agency incident resolution support
  • Off-grid resiliency/redundancy
  • Shared voice, video and data
  • Interoperability solutions
  • Low-cost satellite link

By utilizing the advanced broadband satellite capabilities provided by IP Access, communications between and among partner agencies will be delivered without ever having to route through ground-based communications networks that may be damaged or impaired in a disaster. The solution ensures that agencies maintain critical interoperable communications with other agency partners and critical infrastructure entities, even in cases where traditional communications networks are rendered inoperable.

Ask us how to achieve a disaster resilient interoperable communications solution backed by IP Access. 

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