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Vehicle Mounted Mobile Satellite Systems

A Cost-Effective solution for broadband connectivity

These antennas can be mounted on smaller vehicles and provide a range of data rates using low power transmit block up converters. IP Access International has developed strong relationships with our partners, making it possible to offer our customers the best-in-class products and services. If you’re unsure as to which Mobile Satellite Internet Antenna is right for you, let us help guide you through choosing the exact satellite antenna and plan to suit your needs.

Ground Control TOUGHSAT XP Series

1.2 and .98 Meter options

Ground Control TOUGHSAT XP Series Mobile Satellite Systems are designed for rugged reliability in the most challenging of environments. Quick one-button deployment provides high-speed Internet & phone connectivity in less than 3.5 minutes…Everywhere.

Kymeta u8 terminal

complete connectivity solution for on-the-go communications

Introducing Kymeta’s next-generation product, the u8. The u8 is the comprehensive connectivity solution that enables trusted, secure communications on the go with a host of new innovative features.

AvL 1078

1.0 auto-deploy vehicle mount satellite broadband antenna

Offset 1.0m composite reflector and AvL Cable Drive positioner for reliability and ease of operation. The compact, low-profile and cost-effective motorized antenna allows for use on smaller vehicles such as an SUV or van, and includes a versatile vehicle-mount pallet.

AvL 1258

1.2m Motorized Fly & Drive Transportable Antenna

1.2m Low-Stow Vehicle-Mount / DriveAway Mobile VSAT antenna features an offset 1.2m core-free carbon fiber reflector paired with a patent-pending AvL Cable Drive positioner. The antenna can be mounted on a large SUV, van, or larger vehicles and trailers.

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