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Satellite Internet For Oil & Gas

Effective and reliable satellite for
oil and gas industry communications

Exploration and production in oil and gas operations present unique communication challenges. Sites are often located off the grid with little or no access to traditional forms of terrestrial communications.

From land-based drilling operations to offshore oil rig satellites, these remote areas require consistent connectivity to data, voice or video capability. IP Access International provides highly effective and reliable satellite technologies that keep isolated teams connected.

Industry Challenges

  • Site conditions, weather, and obstructions can limit global satellite connectivity.
  • Oil and gas operations have wide-ranging bandwidth needs based on varied application requirements.
  • Companies continue to expand to more remote locations for oil and gas exploration and production.
  • Capacity requirements expand as application requirements grow.

Satellite Solutions

  • IP Access SELECT Network provides multiple satellite and view angles that are easily accessed with the push of a button.
  • Satellites offer simultaneous support for voice, data, and the expansion of video systems at remote sites.
  • Satellites provide ubiquitous coverage as drillers move from location to location.
  • IP Access helps companies adapt to growing application requirements by providing increased bandwidth and connectivity solutions.

Why Work With IP Access For Oil & Gas Satellite Internet Solutions?

  • Mobile and fixed locations, both onshore and offshore
  • Fully redundant teleports for reliable connectivity
  • Multiple satellite options to reach the IP Access Network
  • One-touch auto-acquisition antennas to access the network
  • Support for VPN and surveillance video
  • Flexible bandwidth options with application support
  • Voice termination and video support available
  • Shared or dedicated satellite bandwidth options
  • Flexible plans and billing to support your operation
  • Full access to our customer portal

Rugged and reliable equipment for harsh environments

Our full suite of fixed, mobile, carry portable and flyaway systems satellite solutions are tailored to fit your unique/remote location requirements

Mobile Satellite Systems

Are you looking for a cost-effective solution for emergency broadband connectivity? These antennas can be mounted on smaller vehicles, providing a range of data rates using low power transmit block-up converters.

FirstNet Ready Harrier Rapid Communications Kit

Portable and Flyaway
Satellite VSAT Systems

Portable systems are easily transported and deployed for high-speed satellite internet access and phone service anywhere within just a few minutes. These systems are compact, rapid-deployable, self-contained and easy to use.

MERC Trailer

Communications Trailers

Our trailers provide a fully operational voice, data, and radio network within 15 minutes of deployment. From 16-foot bumper pull trailers to 45-foot gooseneck style trailers, these climate-controlled trailers are customized for your specific needs.

Fixed Satellite Antenna

Fixed Satellite

VSAT antennas are the best way to bring broadband data service to fixed locations underserved by landline, cellular, or other technologies. Durable and rugged, they are ideal for demanding commercial applications.

Off-Grid Critical
Voice Communications

Internet outages caused by disasters and cyberattacks are common threats today. Our off-grid voice solutions give businesses 24/7 access to critical servers and are functionally independent of cell service and the internet.

Iridium PTT Extreme 9575

Satellite Phones &
Global Solutions

IP Access has partnered with the industry’s leading providers of ultra-portable satellite hardware with global coverage. From handheld satellite phones to ultra-portable BGAN terminals to Global Xpress broadband, we've got you covered.


Access Satellite, Cellular, & FirstNet Seamlessly and fluidly as the presence and quality of available networks fluctuate

When responding to major emergencies like natural disasters, first responders need to be able to communicate. When the local infrastructure has been destroyed, first responders can leverage the FUSION’s VSAT connection. Once the LTE network has been restored first responders can then switch to the lower cost LTE connection.

Connect To Your Vital Applications From Anywhere

Get Set Up In Minutes

Save Money and Simplify Costs With One Monthly Bill

Introducing the next generation of hybrid-based technologies with network location capabilities through built-in awareness and logic

Web-based interface graphically displays all available networks, including data totals being passed over each available network and allows users complete network situational awareness. Support available 24/7/365 across all networks – eliminating the need for an on-site network engineer.

Oil and gas operations occur in remote or harsh conditions, making coverage and uptime a challenge

FUSION technology allows you to access satellite, cellular and FirstNet seamlessly and fluidly as the presence and quality of available networks fluctuate.

FUSION cellular and satellite services combine the benefits of higher speeds, lower latency of LTE, and the reliability of VSAT. FUSION expands coverage options for your essential data, voice, and video applications by providing automatic network diversity.

The combination of cellular and satellite networks allows you to keep your operations running smoothly without sacrificing the bandwidth-hungry needs of today’s applications.

You Block With U-Block

U-Block is a satellite -based WAN filtering service for Oil & Gas organizations

It’s a managed application-based firewall that allows organizations to block undesirable applications. It’s an additional layer of security technology that minimizes usage exposure and maximizes bandwidth performance.

What U-Block Does

  • Allows or denies traffic based on application signature, URL, IP address(es), and port number(s)
  • Helps control data usage over your IP Access network services by reducing unwanted or unauthorized applications from operating
  • Offers protection beyond conventional client security

Standard plans starting as low as $500/month

On-Site Support & Field Services For Oil and Gas

IP Access specializes in field support for your satellite network equipment. Our team of professional, well-trained technicians are available to be deployed to your sites as required. We provide field services, including installation, repair, maintenance, and training. Preventive site visits are also available upon request.

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