Dedicated Private Network

High-end connectivity for businesses

When conventional satellite networks and service plans don’t meet your mission objectives, IP Access is ready to deliver flexible 100% dedicated bandwidth for any number of locations.  Maintain budget-friendly standby capacity for day-to-day testing and operational readiness, and then jump to a dedicated private network solution when required.  Bandwidth quantity, terms (daily, weekly, monthly), and number of units are all flexible. 

Greater Efficiencies

Lower Operating Costs

Increased Productivity

Reduced Risk

Business Continuity


A Total Private Network (TPN) allows you to bypass the Internet entirely with a direct T1 (or larger) connection originating from your corporate network to the Network Operations Center (NOC). A TPN eliminates the need for a VPN at client sites as the connection is already secure and integrates seamlessly with your existing WAN.


Enhanced VPN provides a secure connection between the data center and the client system using VPN hardware to connect your corporate data center with the NOC and maintain encrypted data flow without the need for dedicated circuits.


Instead of connecting to the NOC via a terrestrial link, the Point-to-Point Network connects your client sites and corporate headquarters without ever touching a terrestrial network. Using satellite connectivity to link each location provides the most secure and reliable private network solution available.


All networks are different and IP Access is in the business of developing a custom solution to meet and exceed any network requirement.


IP Access has extensive monitoring systems that will tell us/you immediately if there is a problem with the network. Our around-the-clock team of network professionals make certain we maintain a constant satellite connection that you can rely on.

Suggested Products For Your Application


The IPA RedPHONE is a voice service that operates between satellite nodes and is routed over the SELECT Network. All RedPHONES are available to other RedPHONES at all times. ​


In less than five minutes the PERC will connect to available cellular networks, a predetermined satellite  to establish a low cost wireless communication center for any approved, in-range devices.


Providing Satellite, Band 14/FirstNet and LTE connectivity – supporting voice, data and video streaming in a highly-portable terminal. Available bandwidth up to 20 Mbps X 5 Mbps via satellite.​

Fixed Antenna

Fixed satellite systems are used in emergency communications to deliver the high speed data, voice, video, and VoIP that you need for emergency operations. Always on. Always Ready. 

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