Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month

Our nation’s critical infrastructure provides the essential services that support American society. We know critical infrastructure as the power we use in our homes and businesses, the transportation systems that get us from place to place, the first responders and hospitals in our communities, and the Internet and communication systems we rely on to stay in touch.

Threats to the nation’s critical infrastructure include extreme weather, aging infrastructure, cyber threats, and acts of terrorism. The evolving nature of the threat to critical infrastructure as well as the maturation of our work and partnership with the private sector – has necessitated a shift from a focus on asset protection to an overarching system that builds resilience from all threats and hazards.

How IP Access International is helping our First Responder community become more resilient:

  • Resilient & redundant Internet connectivity using geographically diverse infrastructure
  • “Off-grid” voice communications with our RedPHONE product
  • Redundancy built into every component of our infrastructure
  • “Off-grid” incident interoperability with Mutualink – self-contained within our facilities

Securing the nation’s infrastructure is national priority that requires planning and coordination across the entire community. Contact us today to discuss how IP Access can help your agency become more resilient.