GEMA Mobile Command Rally: Review

IP Access International recently participated in a multi-agency, multi-discipline statewide Mobile Command Rally hosted by the Georgia Emergency Management & Homeland Security Agency (GEMA/HS) near Buford, Georgia.

This exercise was an immense success and provided emergency personnel from around the state the opportunity to perform together and enhance their capabilities. It also gave the personnel the chance to learn and train on the systems that their statewide counterparts have prepared as well as the equipment and services brought in by partners such as IP Access.

The goal of the exercise is to ensure that when disasters occur in Georgia requiring an extensive response, each agency will be able to successfully communicate, interoperate and share information instantaneously. The training exercised by all involved is extremely beneficial should an event occur that requires a multi-agency response.

Mike Gregg, Senior Director of Sales at IP Access was on-site at the 2018 GEMA Rally providing support to local agencies.

Present: IP Access International’s H2, mounted with an AvL 1258 1.2m Vehicle-Mount/Drive-Away Mobile VSAT, as well the HARRIER – all of which were available for live demonstrations if requested.

As the mission of the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency is to facilitate the protection of life and property against man-made and natural disaster by directing the state’s efforts in the areas of prevention, preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery; this type of training and exercise will greatly benefit those agencies involved and will ensure the ability to communicate effectively throughout.

Thank you to GEMA/HS for giving IP Access the opportunity to be a part of such a momentous week of training and collaboration. We look forward to supporting this event in years to come.

About GEMA/HS:

The Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency coordinates the state’s preparedness, response and recovery efforts to disasters. As part of the Office of the Governor, GEMA/HS operates under the authority of the Emergency Management Act of 1981. GEMA/HS works with local, state and federal governments, in partnership with the private sector and faith-based community, to prevent and respond to natural and man-made emergencies. In addition, GEMA/HS employees are on 24-hour call statewide to assist local authorities when disaster strikes.

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