Governor Newsom, CalOES Live Stream Press Conference Via IPA Select Network


 CalOES Live Stream Governor Newsom’s Press Conference Via IPA Select Network

On his first full day in office, Governor Newsom met with emergency responders and announced executive actions to strengthen California’s emergency preparedness and response. During a live press conference – streamed via IP Access International’s SELECT NetworkGovernor Newsom declared a series of actions aimed at protecting Californians from the growing threat of wildfires and other natural disasters.

By utilizing the IPA SELECT Network, CalOES was able to send a live stream of the Governor’s press conference from a remote location near Colfax, California, where reliable internet was not available. While dedicated bandwidth, or CIR, is not needed by most agencies on a full-time basis, there are events – such as Governor Newsom’s press conference – that may require it as part of the support procedure. Such requirements could include: sending and receiving video footage from a camera, drone, or smart device, establishing an emergency call center, large file sending and receiving, and situational awareness applications.

Because these types of applications require a large amount of bandwidth; a standard shared network environment is not able to support this and still provide the appropriate connectivity level for the other subscribers. IPA recognized this need and built a network so robust that it allows for the fulfillment of these requirements without degrading the bandwidth for others. Our day rate product enables dedicated bandwidth to be purchased by the day, week or month on an as needed basis with a minimum SLA to turn up. This allows customers to keep their basic monthly cost low while still affording the ability to turn up a dedicated pipe as needed.

Video of CalOES, Governor Newsom Press Conference:

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