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Mutualink creates networks of interoperable communities that are, at an instant, capable of sharing voice, text, radio, video, data and telephone communications in a secure environment in the cloud. For agencies that are currently using Mutualink or plan on utilizing their technology in the future, IP Access International proudly hosts Mutualink on its network providing “off grid” resiliency/redundancy in the event of compromised access to the cloud.

By hosting Mutualink within the satellite network, IP Access is able to allow agencies the ability to collaborate and communicate without the need for an Internet connection. With the growing concerns about denial of service attacks, malware, etc., this level of autonomy is key. The solution also offers back-up resiliency by enabling the delivery of interoperable communications and multimedia collaboration through software as a service in the case where an agency’s physical infrastructure is damaged.

The solution ensures that agencies maintain critical interoperable communications with other agency partners and critical infrastructure entities, even in cases where traditional communications networks are rendered inoperable. By combining Mutualink’s national always-on interoperable network (known as the IRAPP) with IP Access’ advanced broadband satellite solution, agencies can ensure connectivity with critical partners and services in times of disaster. Mutualink’s rapidly growing IRAPP network is the only emergency interoperability network of its kind, with more than 1,000 public safety and critical infrastructure entities participating on a nationwide basis.

For more detailed information or to discuss specific solutions, contact IP Access International at: or 949-655-1000

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