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Off-Grid Communications

With the vulnerability of an internet outage caused by denial-of-service, malware or other attacks, IP Access has created solutions that allow for critical servers to remain accessible to any of our customers


Operates when everything else is offline. True off-grid communications.

The RedPHONE is a voice service that operates between satellite nodes and is routed over the IP Access SELECT Network. Due to their terrestrial independence, over 1,700 RedPHONES have been deployed in over 1,000 agencies across the country, providing protection and operation when everything else is offline.

Once part of the community, users will have access to a web-based online directory, showing the status and extension of other RedPHONE subscribers.


Manage and monitor your sites from a browser

BlueVIEW is the proprietary customer portal from IP Access allowing customers visibility into their satellite network assets, performance, location, and bandwidth usage. Customers have the ability to set notification and alerts, track location, run reports, and even request new services. 

JPS Interoperability

The RSP-Z2 Dual Channel Interoperability Gateway with RoIP, SIP, and RTP allows connections to radios and other communications devices

The RSP-Z2TM supports: SIP, RTP, RoIP, Radio, dispatch, or audio connections.

This allows public safety agencies to communicate with a vast array of communication devices using a single interoperable platform.

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