Preventative Maintenance Program

VSAT Antenna Replacement

IP Access International delivers custom preventative maintenance service and solutions to efficiently maintain your VSAT equipment. Regular antenna maintenance and repairs will ensure your equipment continues to be reliable with trouble-free operation.

We offer a wide range of services tailored to meet your specific equipment maintenance requirements and will solve the toughest maintenance tasks in a timely and cost-effective way while adhering to strict quality processes.

With the most comprehensive line-up of VSAT equipment from industry leading manufacturers like AvL, Cobham, Inmarsat, Sat-Lite and Ground Control, IP Access International proudly offers readily available solutions to replace your obsolete, aging, or inoperable equipment.

Antennas are available in mobile, fixed, and fly-away options as well as ultra-portable global solutions. Whether you need a missing part or a turnkey solution, IP Access International can provide it.

As an added value, IP Access International incorporates 24x7x365 support. From minor service issues to total equipment failure, IP Access Internationals’ support team will react immediately to resolve customer issues, remotely or onsite. Each member of our community has a dedicated representative who becomes familiar with their mission and the specific equipment and service that solves the need to ensure issues or concerns are handled optimally.

Regularly testing your equipment, along with routine maintenance inspections, is the best way to avoid unwelcome issues and our Preventative Maintenance Program can help ensure that your equipment is always ready for deployment.

During our Satellite System Preventative Maintenance (PM) Report, IP Access International will document:

  • Overall System Readiness
  • Faulty and/or at risk items
  • Obsolete components
  • Recommended system upgrades
  • Software versions
  • Performance statistics
  • Photo documentation

No matter the current condition of your equipment, IP Access has a plan to ensure you are always ready when you need your satellite communications to work. If you are interested in our Preventative Maintenance Program and/or have any questions regarding your current equipment, please click here.

You may also contact us at or call 1-949-655-1000 for additional information.