When Your Mission Is Critical, So Are Your Comms

Public Safety Emergency Communications Solutions
When Your Mission Is Critical, So Are Your Comms

With fires, heat waves, hurricanes, power outages, flooding, tornadoes, and earthquakes presently impacting the United States and major territories, we wanted to take a moment to remind our community of the dependable emergency communications solutions currently offered by IP Access International.

With custom hardware solutions for mobile, fixed, and flyaway VSAT options, critical voice communications and auto-pointing BGAN terminals, IP Access has multiple choices for all budgets and field expertise.

Listed below, our emergency communications satellite equipment meets or complies with all requirements for emergency interoperable communication equipment.

Mobile, Fixed, and Flyaway VSAT Options:
Custom hardware solutions for mobile command vehicles, flyaway cased units, or fixed antenna requirements


RedPHONE – Critical Voice Communication
The RedPHONE is a voice service that operates between satellite nodes and is routed over the IP Access SELECT Network

  • Operates when everything else is offline
  • True Off-Grid communications
  • RedPHONE to RedPHONE dialing
  • SIP-Based, entirely hosted within IPA teleports
  • Independent of Internet or PSTN availability
  • Access to other public agencies in North America

Ground Control MCD-4800
Auto-Pointing BGAN Terminal – Portable Global Wi-Fi Hotspot

  • Auto-pointing BGAN satellite terminal
  • Global satellite Internet connectivity
  • Wi-Fi hotspot for all in-range devices up to 100 meters
  • Broadband speeds of 464 Kbps
  • Internet, Phone, SMS Messaging, Voicemail


Iridium Extreme 9575 Push-to-Talk
Instant Voice Communication – Globally 

  • Over-the-air talkgroup programming
  • Dynamic talkgroup selection and monitoring
  • Device talker ID
  • Device talker distance and bearing
  • Visual and audio talkgroup scan


Regardless of your operations and whether you have a command vehicle, trailer, or quick deploy unit, IP Access is available to craft a solution specific to your needs. For additional information requests regarding the above solutions, please click here or e-mail us at info@ipinternational.net for further assistance.