Year In Review 2018

Year In Review 2018

Unsettling Events Continue – Following in the footsteps of 2017, 2018 was a very active year with an unsettling number of disasters and man-made emergencies. On the up side, this provided many opportunities for us to lend a hand while simultaneously showing off the resiliency of our network and the strength of our community, partners and customers.

SES-2 Network Upgrades – In April, customers on the SELECT Network began to experience 20M X 5M service on Galaxy 18 @ 123°W and SES-2 @ 87°W satellites covering the United States. A service offering provided solely by IP Access International.

The Year of the Harrier– Since its introduction, the Harrier has been successfully deployed during the 2017 and 2018 Hurricane Season, all major CA Wildfires, Search and Rescue operations and multiple fiber cuts.

Growing Community – April continued to be a successful month for us as we proudly welcomed the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to our First Responder community and boosted the IPA community to over 600 agencies, including: police, fire, sheriff, national guard, critical infrastructure, and emergency response teams.

10th Annual California Mobile Command Center Rally Platinum Sponsor – IP Access International was honored to be the platinum sponsor this year at the 10th Annual California Mobile Command Center Rally in San Francisco at AT&T Park. On the 112th anniversary of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, agencies from around California gathered together to demonstrate the variety of capabilities and mutual aid operability of local and regional mobile command units.

Welcome Kymeta – We are excited to announce our partnership with Kymeta to deliver their cutting-edge flat-panel terminals along with a suite of services that only IPA can provide. Kymeta produces the world’s first flat-panel, on-the-move antenna system that is 100% electronically steered with absolutely no moving parts. This new technology opens countless opportunities that were previously impractical to address with satellite technology. Although not yet a fit for every scenario, we are excited to work with our customers and partners develop applications for this new technology.

Day At The Races – In July, we hosted our annual “Day at the Races” customer event in Del Mar, CA. This event always provides a great opportunity to connect with our customers and partners in a casual and fun setting, and it never hurts if a few bets pay off.

A Thank You to Our Partners -Thank you for your hard work and commitment to IP Access – we couldn’t do it without you. May we continue to thrive in 2019 and for many years to come.

BlueVIEW & BlueVIEW on the Go – In September, our secure web-based portal, BlueVIEW received an upgrade. We also introduced BlueVIEW on the Go – the latest BlueVIEW update providing situational awareness and asset management from the convenience of your mobile device.

Congratulations Are In Order – Bill Pitz earned the well deserved title of CTO. In January, he will have eight years with the company. Thank you for all your hard work, Bill.

In August, Rachel Quarles, Director of Social Marketing and Brand Communications, welcomed her son Dylan into the world. Weighing in at 9 pounds, 9 ounces, Dylan is the newest member of the IPA family. Welcome Baby Dylan!

Our very own, Michael Weaver was appointed to the Chapter Commercial Advisory Member (CCAM) position for the Montana Chapter of the International Association of Public Safety Communications Officials.

Long-time friend to IP Access, Ric Wilhelm received the 2018 RF Engineer of the Year Award. His dedication to public safety is both admirable and commendable. We are extremely humbled by his knowledge and connection to our team and community.

A Message from CEO, Bryan Hill

2018 has been a wonderful year of growth. The growth of our community, the growth of the IPA family and the growth of new technology.  We expect many new technical advancements in 2019 and look forward to delivering new products and services to our customers. We appreciate the loyalty, dedication, and trust you all have in our company. May 2019 be as prosperous as 2018. Happy New Year to ALL!