IP Access International has been providing reliable and fast satellite internet access to public safety agencies and business customers across the country. Today our high performance network delivers up to 20 Mbps x 5 Mbps and offers a fully redundant satellite and teleport infrastructure.  We understand that not all deployments are the same so we built a network designed to offer multiple satellite options in the event you have a line of sight obstruction. Whether you have a command vehicle, trailer, or quick deploy unit, our solutions provide you the critical communications to establish an uplink at a moment’s notice.

Suggested Products For Your Application


The Iridium Extreme® Push-to-Talk (PTT) is the device for global dependability, adaptability and durability. Only Iridium can deliver the power of fast, simple and secure group communication.


Providing Satellite, Band 14/FirstNet & LTE connectivity – supporting voice, data and video streaming in a highly-portable terminal. Available bandwidth up to 20 X 5 via satellite.

TOUGHSAT T-100 Trailer

Can be quickly deployed at any location to create a high-speed satellite Internet connection that automatically establish a half-mile wireless access point for any in-range wireless devices


Communicate in Times of Crisis with a MERC Trailer. MERCs provide power and communication solutions for emergency response and business continuity. We provide both new units and renovations for existing command vehicles.

IP Access is readily available to discuss your satellite communications needs.
Let us help you craft a solution that meets your specific requirements,
ranging from your own cache of equipment stored on-site to preventative maintenance programs to turn-key rental solutions.