Satellite Network Solutions

IP Access provides service for all of the equipment we offer. If an issue was to arise, we are your point of contact 24x7x365. Our satellite network supports data, voice, video streaming, custom applications, VPN & private networking. We give you the tools to necessary to monitor your connections and optimize your investment.

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Public Safety

Emergency Communications
Via Satellite

Whether you have a command vehicle, trailer, or quick deploy unit, IP solutions provide you the critical communications to establish an uplink at a moment’s notice. You get full connectivity so that emergency response teams can have 100% reliable communications no matter where they are located.

Critical Infrastructure

With Utility, transportation, and other infrastructure playing a more important than ever, reliable connectivity is a must

Whether its for an emergency situation to restore connectivity, a backup to one or more terrestrial networks, or to connect a remote location that just can’t access terrestrial options at all, IP Access has a solution. Services range from narrowband SCADA-type connectivity to full scale broadband.


A multitude of companies rely on numerous applications to operate, with the majority requiring connectivity to work

IP Access provides a highly mobile broadband connection (primary or backup) with available dedicated bandwidth that works anytime, anywhere. Our broad line of fixed, mobile, and global systems satellite solutions are tailored to fit your unique location requirement.

Business Continuity

Unlimited On-Demand Satellite Connectivity

Our satellite Internet service provides reliable, customized, and secure wireless backhaul solutions to integrate seamlessly with your company’s existing network infrastructure. Our connectivity backup service seamlessly delivers broadband Internet when your primary Internet service fails and will keep your business fully-functional until primary connection is restored. Don’t let human error or a natural disaster knock your business and/or operations offline.

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