Introducing SuperGIG™, the Ultimate Managed Connectivity Solution from IP Access

Introducing SuperGIG™, the Ultimate Managed Connectivity Solution from IP Access

For businesses in field operations and remote environments, connectivity isn’t just a luxury – it’s mission-critical. From first responders to oil and gas enterprises and more, these vital sectors rely on robust and reliable connectivity regardless of the situation. 

Network lag and congestion, dead zones and infrastructure failures are just a few of the pain points that can compromise remote operations. Without adequate coverage, work comes to a grinding halt, resulting in delayed response times, missed opportunities and the possibility of risking lives.  

At IP Access, we challenged ourselves to better support remote field operations. We knew that when it came to communication coverage, there had to be a better way. 

That’s why we created SuperGIG™—the ultimate managed connectivity solution.

The Problem: Connectivity for Mobile Field Operations is Challenging

Businesses in the field rely on digital tools and technologies to fulfill their missions, whether it’s public safety units or off-grid research facilities. Ensuring reliable, uninterrupted connectivity in inhospitable landscapes is complicated, especially when relying solely on traditional GEO satellite internet or land-based cellular data providers. 

Why is that? 

  • Inadequate site surveysEven after a meticulous site survey, remote operations can be easily blindsided by unforeseen connectivity challenges such as poor signal strength, interference and dead zones. These unexpected gaps can pose severe operational constraints or render the mission impossible.
  • Limited or no carrier availabilityCertain carriers may be unable to provide blanket coverage, even within cities. In remote operations, this issue is magnified. Due to limited populations in these remote regions, building out the necessary infrastructure would be cost-prohibitive for most carriers, which results in significant connectivity gaps. 
  • Limited coverage Remote and rural landscapes present their own logistical challenges. Lacking the infrastructure needed for even basic coverage, these regions struggle to meet bandwidth and latency needs. This often makes reliable, high-speed connectivity an impossibility with conventional means. 
  • Network congestion – During times of crisis or large-scale events, the sheer volume of users can congest networks, causing network performance to dip when needed most. In remote areas, the sudden, additional strain on an already taxed network may crash the system altogether.  
  • Infrastructure failure – From hurricanes to forest fires, a natural disaster can completely wipe out vital network infrastructure, sending cellular systems offline and leaving operations unable to coordinate an effective emergency response.
  • Security issues – Legacy cellular and satellite connectivity solutions often lack the necessary security frameworks to ensure network safety. Issues like unauthorized access, data breaches, cyberattacks and compliance risks can threaten the future of any remote operation. 

Recommended Approaches 

While connectivity challenges can significantly impact the success of your remote operations, they are manageable. Indeed, there are proactive measures you can take to strengthen your connectivity posture as well as innovative uses of mobile and satellite connectivity available, including: 

  • Embracing a multi-carrier service model – Don’t put all your eggs in one carrier basket. By establishing service with multiple cellular carriers, you can mitigate the risk of total service disruption in the case of a failed network.
  • Focusing on satellite connectivity – In places where cellular coverage is sparse or non-existent, legacy GEO satellites and newer LEO satellites can fill the cellular service gap, providing adequate fallback coverage in remote locations. 
  • Investing in hybrid communications systems – Invest in a communications system that can combine the powers of terrestrial and space-based networks. This ensures a best-of-both-worlds approach, balancing the reliability of satellite networks with the faster speeds and lower latency of terrestrial ones.
  • Performing continuous monitoringWhen connectivity is mission-critical, you must take a proactive approach that regularly monitors network performance to understand which connections are performing optimally and which are lagging. This allows for quick adjustments and maintenance as needed.
  • Implementing robust cybersecurity measures – Implementing stringent cybersecurity measures is paramount in protecting the integrity of data transmissions, mitigating the risk of data breaches and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Level-Up Your Connectivity with SuperGIG™

While the steps above are a good start, what if you could completely redefine your network capabilities far beyond what you ever thought possible? 

Imagine a network that gave you: 

  • Access to a dream team of networks—Verizon, AT&T, FirstNet, T-Mobile and even satellites—so you’re never left in the dark. 
  • Hands-off operations, where your network intelligently transitions as coverage becomes available or fades out, keeping you connected at up to 500Mb. 
  • A single, smart service plan that adapts to your needs, billing you only for the data you use, not for networks that aren’t available. This means you’re not saddled with a monthly bill for unused data.
  • Top-tier managed security, with a single static public IP address across all networks, ensuring a fortified data transmission that never transits the unsecured corners of the internet.
  • All-weather, round-the-clock support at your disposal, reachable through a single contact number 24/7/365.

This isn’t wishful thinking. It’s SuperGIG™—the managed connectivity solution that combines terrestrial and space-based network coverage, providing top-tier performance and reliability. With SuperGIG™, you can access some of the largest and most powerful networks, including AT&T, FirstNet, Verizon, T-Mobile, and LEO and GEO satellite networks.

SuperGIG™ was designed to accommodate the connectivity needs of public safety and enterprise-critical mobile operations. It utilizes best-of-breed technologies to ensure unmatched reliability and performance—all under a single subscription that covers all networks yet only charges you for the data you use. 

Upgrade Your Remote Connectivity with SuperGIG™

SuperGIG™ from IP Access International is the ultimate managed connectivity solution for remote operations that depend on constant connectivity. Whether you’re stationary or on-the-go, SuperGIG™’s COTM Bundle hardware includes: 

  • Flat Panel Ku-Band Satellite Antenna
  • Blended LTE Router
  • LTE External Antenna
  • SuperGIG™ Service Plan – 250 GB

Ready for unparalleled performance and reliability? Contact us today to learn more about the power of SuperGIG™.