5 Industries That Benefit From Blended Connectivity Solutions

5 Industries That Benefit From Blended Connectivity Solutions

In our ever-connected age, internet and cellular communications keep businesses and individuals safe, informed and on track. And yet, despite the importance of connectivity, a reliable connection isn’t always a given.

Even in a densely-populated state like New York, the top three wireless carriers—Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T—only cover up to 89% of the territory. In more rural areas (where 14% of Americans live), internet and cell coverage are even worse. But rural and urban spaces both experience “dead zones” where data and voice are unavailable or unreliable.

So, how do you guarantee the ability to communicate in any condition from anywhere? With blended mobile connectivity—an approach to telecommunications that combines satellite and cellular networks to provide fast, reliable coverage at all times.

As it turns out, this 24/7/365 connectivity benefits numerous industries. Let’s look at some sectors that stand to gain the most from a blended connectivity solution.

1. Mobile Health Units

Illness and injury happen everywhere—even in locations without hospitals or clinics. An estimated 2,000 mobile health clinics tend to patients throughout the U.S., providing medical care to hard-to-reach patients and disaster victims.

As the mobile healthcare industry (mHealth) relies more and more on a connection to the Internet of Things (IoT), a fast, reliable communications strategy is essential. Mobile health clinics need 100% uptime from any location so they can:

  • Use healthcare software and apps
  • Transmit health records and patient data
  • Arrange for additional support or transfers
  • Gather information to make accurate assessments

By guaranteeing dependable coverage across the country, blended connectivity saves lives.

2. First Responders

Law enforcement officers, search and rescue teams, firefighters and paramedics depend on consistent communications to provide essential community services. Whether they need to coordinate with various departments or send out an alert to the public, first responders require access to the real-time connectivity that a blended solution supports.

However, in rural areas or times of crisis, communication capabilities can be less-than-perfect. And the results can be catastrophic.

Blended connectivity provides the perfect connectivity that is so vital during natural disasters or off-grid search and rescue missions. Because inclement weather can affect connectivity, having only one type of coverage won’t always cut it.

A blended connectivity solution ensures cellular coverage remains if rain or snow obscures satellite connections. Likewise, satellites pick up the slack if high winds take out cell towers.

When lives are at stake, reliable communication is non-negotiable. That’s why our SuperGIG™ service offers 24/7/365 connectivity and support from a Public Safety Network Operations Center (NOC).

3. Government Agencies

Nearly every government agency—from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to your local legislature—now relies on internet and cellular connections for normal operations. When those networks break down, government organizations can’t communicate with each other or the public.

The result is a loss of credibility. If agencies can’t share essential information in a timely, accurate manner, people can lose faith in the institutions that support them.

A blended connectivity solution allows government agencies at all levels to make good on their promises to citizens, regardless of where they’re located.

4. Oil & Gas Production and Exploration 

Oil and gas exploration and production often occur in the most remote places on Earth, whether onshore or offshore. As you might imagine, connectivity can be scarce in the Arctic Ocean or the Alaskan interior. But a sturdy connection is a must in a high-risk industry that is essential to our economy and current way of life.

While blended connectivity can improve safety in oil and gas, estimates also show that better communications technology could bring an additional $250 billion of value to the industry by 2030. Much of this value is derived from potential cost reduction; a faster, more reliable connection makes cost-saving digital analytics and tools more accessible.

One specific use case is staying on top of changing prices and demand. With the lightning-fast, accessible-from-anywhere connection that a blended solution brings, sites can alter their production schedule to keep pace with global demand.

5. Conferences and Events

While the extended coverage of blended connectivity benefits industries in remote and rural areas, even urban dwellers can see the advantages. Specifically, blended connectivity solutions support large events with significant internet usage.

That’s because blended connectivity doesn’t just improve coverage—it also increases bandwidth.

With traditional connectivity solutions, a concert or convention of thousands can quickly reach bandwidth caps with no way to expand on demand. Excessive traffic leads to a slow connection for every user.

A blended connectivity solution offers more “connectivity paths.” As a result, all convention goers enjoy increased data transfer capabilities. In other words, uploads and downloads finish faster, and the overall attendee experience is better.

Stay Connected in Every Situation

Wherever a high-speed, always-on connection matters, a blended connectivity solution provides peace of mind. Ultimately, in a world that’s more connected than ever, any industry or business can benefit from worry-free 24/7 communication capabilities.

However, no industry depends more on reliable coverage than first responders. A consistent line of communication is indispensable when a split-second decision can be the difference between life and death.

At IP Access International, we’ve developed SuperGIG™ to cater to emergency services personnel around the globe. As a future-proof network-of-networks, SuperGIG™ seamlessly blends terrestrial and space-based networks, delivering unparalleled performance and reliability for public safety operations. 

It’s one of the many ways that blended connectivity supports us all. Contact us today to find out more about reliable, expanded coverage options.