A Guide To Blended Mobile Connectivity Solutions

What does blended mobile connectivity mean, and how will it help your business? Learn all about it in our guide.

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In today’s world, communication is everything. Without access to established communication channels like cellular service and internet connectivity, business – and life – can come to a grinding halt

Staying connected continuously can be problematic at times, especially for those who perform mission critical business functions in remote areas or emergencies. When landlines are compromised, how do you maintain vital communications?

Mobile connectivity solutions play a pivotal role in ensuring that first responders, businesses and critical infrastructure have reliable communications to keep them operational.

Why is it so hard to stay connected?

When communication is vital to your business, losing connectivity even for a few moments can have devastating consequences. Not only are there financial risks, but in a crisis, communication breakdowns can make the difference between life and death.

Whether you rely on the internet, mobile phones, or satellite technology, you must take steps to ensure all channels are operational no matter the circumstances. However, constantly monitoring and switching carriers to maintain connectivity is time-consuming and frustrating.

Cellular connections are in constant flux due to environmental conditions and customer demand. Other uncontrollable situations that can impair communications include:

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Inclement Weather

Inclement weather (like wind, rain and snow) can interrupt steady connectivity. If your location is subject to severe storms and conditions, including hurricanes, tornadoes, floods or earthquakes, creating communication failovers is that much more critical.

Equipment Failure

Equipment often fails when you least expect it to. Relying on technology without a business continuity plan can take down your business for days.

Remote Locations

First responders, enterprise businesses and field ops teams need reliable mobile internet connections to run their applications in the field. However, maintaining constant connectivity can be challenging if employees travel to rural, remote, or offshore locations due to a lack of available infrastructure.

Disasters and
Terrorist Attacks

No one wants to plan for worst-case scenarios. However, having a disaster recovery communication plan gives you peace of mind and helps mitigate loss when the unthinkable happens.


Debris, fallen trees, or trees that grow to become obstacles to satellite signals are obstructions that can obscure communication channels. Unfortunately, obstacles aren’t always immediately detected, creating coverage lapses that take time to locate and resolve.

What is blended mobile connectivity?

Strictly relying on one communication method (like cell phones, the internet or satellite) increases your chance of experiencing a key point of failure, which could be devastating to your business or community at large. So what’s the best way to protect your business from these kinds of risks? Blended mobile connectivity provides a layered approach, creating a nearly fail-safe way to maintain communications no matter the circumstances. When one channel fails, another automatically takes its place without human intervention. For example, if cell connectivity goes down, a mobile connectivity solution automatically finds and connects to any available network without user assistance or configuration.

While blended mobile connectivity solutions have many use cases, industries that benefit in particular include:

  • First responders
  • Mobile health clinics
  • Local, state and national government agencies
  • Rural industry operations
  • Oil and gas production and exploration
  • Mobile banking
  • Conferences and events requiring high bandwidth

The Benefits of Blended Mobile Connectivity

A blended mobile communications solution provides continuous, seamless coverage and reliability for satellite, cellular, wireless and FirstNet communications regardless of external conditions.

In addition, blended mobile connectivity offers the following benefits.

Greater Bandwidth

Combining diverse connectivity paths from multiple providers creates greater bandwidth, enhancing user experience by increasing data transfer capabilities. In addition, faster upload and download speeds facilitate the easy transmission of data, photos and video between parties.

Enhanced Reliability

Blended cellular and satellite solutions increase reliability, ensuring confidence in your company’s ability to maintain operations during even the most difficult situations.

Expanded Coverage

As cellular data improves in speed and reliability, many businesses are adding satellite coverage to use as a primary or secondary connectivity option in case their network goes down.

Emergency Preparedness

Satellite network monitoring ensures you know your deployed assets’ operating status and location 24/7. Additionally, having oversight of your network ensures that systems are working correctly and ready to go when needed, eliminating scrambling in an emergency.

Consolidated Monthly Bill

Juggling bills from multiple vendors and service providers is a headache. Consolidating communication technology tools into one point of contact makes your life easier. Plus, you only have to pay one price for all available connections.

Blended mobile connectivity solution


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