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Mobile Satellite Internet

We provide reliable mobile satellite internet solutions with unmatched coverage for first responders, government agencies, and enterprise organizations

Don’t be under the assumption that portable internet access is extremely expensive — with IP Access, this simply isn’t true. Our high-value mobile satellite internet plans start as low as $250/month.

Geographically diverse services, multiple satellite options

When it comes to reliability, we know our customers expect protection against regional disasters and infrastructure disruptions such as fiber cuts and other utility disturbances. IP Access utilizes multiple satellites served by multiple teleports to keep you connected to your critical applications and communication channels.

With unmatched satellite coverage and diverse look angles, we help utility companies, enterprises and emergency response teams get up and running from anywhere in a matter of minutes. We specialize in portable satellite internet services for: Public Safety & Emergency Response, Enterprise, Business Continuity, Oil & Gas, and Critical Infrastructure.

Superior Satellite Service Wherever You Are

IP Access provides high-performance mobile satellite bandwidth with unmatched redundancy, look angles and mobility. Whether you need internet, data, voice or video, you can feel confident that your applications will perform in the field.

Diverse Look Angles and Unmatched Redundancy

Unique to IP Access, the Select Network uses multiple satellites and teleports to protect command vehicles from interruptions caused by: 

  • Regional disasters and infrastructure disruptions
  • Line of site issues or obstructions
  • Fiber cuts and other utility disturbances in the vicinity of the teleport
  • Equipment failure of any satellite components – spacecraft, antenna, teleport, etc.
IP Access Satellite Network Map

In the event of a partial or complete failure of the satellite components or ground equipment, the IP Access Select Network service can be restored immediately to an always-on, alternate ground facility and/or satellite. 

In addition, the IP Access Select Network offers full IP address portability between the satellites and teleport with supported antenna controllers. This allows the user to repoint the antenna to acquire the alternate network without needing to reconfigure the modem, reconfigure the customer LAN, or contact the NOC.

Mobile Satellite Internet Pricing and Service Offerings

Below you will find our service offerings for enterprise, public safety, utilities and emergency response teams. 

IP Access proudly offers our customers various add-on services: Day Rates, Streaming Buckets, Voice Service (VoIP), Pooling and GB Usage-Based Plans. With our community in mind, we continually expand our products and services to improve on-demand collaboration within the ever-changing critical response environment.

Enterprise Express

Enterprise, Utilities, Oil & Gas,
Insurance, Mobile Banking
Request Pricing
  • Reliable, high-performance bandwidth
  • Usage-based pricing to meet specific requirements
  • Dedicated capacity for high-quality streaming, video & data apps

EMR Plan

Qualified Emergency
Response Agencies (EMR)
Starting at $250/mo
  • 10 service days per month included
  • Additional surge capabilities available within 2 hrs of request
  • RedPHONE included

EOC Plan

Agencies w/ Emergency
Operations Centers (EOC)
Starting at $100/mo
  • Standby & Failover Services
  • Premium On-Demand Services During Emergencies
  • RedPHONE included


Dedicated Bandwidth for a 24 Hour Period
  • Available in Half or Full Duplex
  • Ad-Hoc Ordering Process
  • No Acceptable Use Policy


Dedicated Bandwidth
  • Sold in Hourly Blocks
  • 15, 30 and 50 Hours
  • No Acceptable Use Policy


VoIP Service
  • Monthly Call Termination
    DID & Minute Bundles
  • PBX Trunks and Extensions
  • Local Area Codes

Case Based | In-Motion | Auto-Pointing
Mobile and portable Satellite Internet Solutions

IP Access offers a wide range of portable and mobile satellite internet communications solutions designed to meet your specific requirements. Our solutions are designed to be durable, redundant and easy to set up.

Our flexible and affordable satellite plans enable you to obtain commercial-class bandwidth when you need it most. 

From voice solutions to video conferencing to streaming video back to your emergency operations center, you’ll be armed with the most powerful communications tools available to strengthen your emergency preparedness and response.

Harrier VSAT Mobile Satellite Internet


Easily transported and deployed for high-speed satellite Internet and phone service from anywhere within just a few minutes. These systems are compact, rapid-deployable, self-contained & easy to use.

Flyaway Mobile Satellite Dish for Mobile Satellite Internet

Case Based Satellite
Dish Systems

The Toughsat Flyaway mobile satellite system is easily transported and deployed by one person for high-speed connectivity. With an integrated wireless access point, this satellite solution can become a multi-user hotspot in minutes.

Ground Control Toughsat XP Mobile Satellite Antenna

Fly and Drive
Mobile Satellite

Vehicle-Mounted Mobile Satellite Systems are a cost effective solution for broadband connectivity. These antennas can be mounted on smaller vehicles and provide a range of data rates using low power transmit block up converters.

MCD-4800 by Ground Control

Global Satellite
WiFi Hotspot Case

MCD-4800 “The Football” is an auto-pointing BGAN satellite terminal that requires no user training. Simply place the weather tight sealed case under the open sky anywhere in the world and turn it on – no pointing necessary.

Broadband Internet

Travel down any road (or off-road) on the planet and stay connected using in-motion broadband satellite technology.

Reliable Mobile and Portable Satellite Communications For Every Industry


Disasters can interrupt access to important services that residents rely on. Rapid response teams are essential to restoring access to these services as quickly as possible. Every minute counts in the event of a disaster, and unstable connection can cost lives.

Mobile command posts rely heavily on mobile satellite communications to provide voice, data and video services during larger-scale emergencies and events. Our solutions allow public safety and emergency response teams to establish an uplink at a moment’s notice and maintain full connectivity no matter where they are.

Our mobile satellite internet services are ideal for:

  • First Responders
  • Public Service Agencies
  • Local, State & National Government Agencies


Mobile health clinics can be deployed out into the community to provide basic health services in areas that may be underserved by traditional resources. Mobile medical units are instrumental in any medical outreach program. These mobile command vehicles enable you to meet the needs of individuals who may not have transportation. 

In addition to clinical care, mobile healthcare vehicles can deliver outreach programs like corporate wellness, health education and screening programs. Mobile mammography clinics, dental clinics and field hospitals all use satellite communications to connect to hospitals computer networks to access patient records, upload medical data and perform any other function that a fixed clinic could.


These days, most banks maintain mobile bank branches for deployments to sporting events, festivals, concerts or any venue located off the terrestrial grid. Mobile bank systems are also used if a disaster occurs that damages a brick-and-mortar location and/or shuts down a local network. 

Now more than ever, mobile bank branches are replacing the traditional banking option and can provide a cost effective method to service smaller or rural markets. Equipped with a mobile satellite antenna, a mobile bank branch can join the bank’s secure private network and have normal banking operations up and running in minutes.


Common business applications like VoIP, video conferencing and media streaming require constant bandwidth. Mobile satellite internet ensures your employees are never at risk of being disconnected from email, phone calls, video conferencing or critical business applications. Maintain access to your high-quality streaming, video and data apps without interruption, from anywhere. 

Business scenarios that benefit from mobile satellite internet include:

  • Conferences and events requiring high bandwidth
  • Rural expeditions and office locations
  • Off-the-grid communications


After a catastrophic event, insurance companies deploy emergency response teams to safe zones to help members impacted by a disaster. They often position Mobile Claims Centers equipped with satellite communications at convenient locations to assist policyholders, answer claim questions and help file claims. 

Mobile Claim Centers provide a central location for their members in impacted areas to speak face-to-face with their team. They can also serve as headquarters for humanitarian efforts.

If mobile satellite internet service is critical to your business, contact us today. We will be happy to explain our service plans and get you up and running fast.

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