AvL 1258 Mobile VSAT

We offer Nationwide sales, service, installation, repair and monthly service plans for AvL Technologies mobile and fly-away Satellite Internet Systems. AvL Technologies is a company that produces visionary, innovative, reproducible satellite communications antennas and positionersfor emerging markets that combine elegant designs, unique style and technical superiority for ultimate performance.

AvL’s FlyAway or DriveAway (also called Fly&Drive) mobile broadband antenna systems provide versatility for satellite communication users who desire a vehicle-mounted antenna with all the portability of a flyaway mechanism in one antenna system. These systems are packaged into containers that meet air freight requirements allowing the system to be transported anywhere you can fly or drive.

AvL’s visionary approach to mobile satellite antennas and positioners has established the company as a global leader in innovation and reliability. Thanks to cutting edge designs and development, and state-of-the-art manufacturing, AvL antennas are extraordinarily robust and reliable.

AvL 1258 Mobile VSAT 1.2m Motorized Fly&Drive Transportable Antenna

1.2m Low-Stow Vehicle-Mount / DriveAway Mobile VSAT antenna features an offset 1.2mĀ core-free carbon fiber reflectorĀ paired with a patent-pending AvL Cable Drive positioner. The antenna can be mounted on a large SUV, van, or larger vehicles and trailers.

  • Key Features for Model 1258
  • 1.2m AvL Engineered Composite 4-Piece Reflector
  • Motorized AvL Az/El Compact Cable Drive Positioner
  • Offset, Prime Focus Optics
  • 2-Port Ku ā€œPrecisionā€ (standard Cross-Pol comp.)
  • AvL Auto-Acquisition Controler w/ Web Browser GUI
  • Dual-Mode Configuration: 1-Case Pack-Up with Removable Outriggers for Ground/FlyAway Mode; Base Mounting Provisions for Vehicle/DriveAway Mode

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Service plans as low as $250 per month, contact us today for all service options

IP Access has created flexible and affordable satellite plans for you to obtain commercial class bandwidth when you need it most. We have mobile, usage based, flat rate and day rate plans suited to meet your usage requirements. From voice solutions to video conferencing to streaming video back to your emergency operations center, we have a plan to fit your needs.

The SELECT Network was built from the ground up with public safety and emergency communications in mind. Every component was designed for reliability to provide the highest level of connectivity all backed by 24/7 support.

  • User-selectable satellites
  • Teleport relocation for inclement weather
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